Shipito now accepts Boleto Bancario

Wants to take advantage of the deals of Black Friday in the United States? A Shipito gives you one US address for you to send your packages and redirects to you in Brazil.

Do not know the services Shipito? Look My ratings here in Skooter Blog, because I've used the service 16 times and always gave it right.

Before you could pay directly on the credit card, PayPal ou Bitcoins. Now you can also pay by bank transfer.

And more: paying by bank transfer the IOF is only 0,4% instead of 6,38% adjusted for Dilma to international payments.

You can also pay with national credit card paying the IOF 0,4%.

Do your shopping in Amazon and other US stores, redirecione com a Shipito and receive at home.

Happy shopping!

Shipito now accepts Boleto Bancario

Shipito now accepts Boleto Bancario


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