French catalog Master System Games

In the same folder where were the jornaizinhos the Master Club, I intend to show in the next few articles here's Skooter Blog, It was also this French catalog of Master System games.

This brochure is a donation of Alessandro Assis Vasques, at the time I still edited the Master Land, there in the late 90.

The System Master Games French catalog is 1992, so should already cover most of the Master System game library.

It is also interesting to compare the French library with Brazilian library, as the Master System also was quite successful in Europe. Not so much success that he did in Brazil, but definitely much more than in North America and in Japan itself, where was born.

It's an item you intend to scan and make available if there is community interest.

French catalog Master System Games

French catalog Master System Games

French catalog Master System Games

French catalog Master System Games

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Curiosity: Vc venture to say in today's values ​​how much it cost at the time that the Master System TecToy and how much it cost the original games? Does the time was cheaper to buy the system master than it would to buy a ps4 today?

I remember I enjoyed a game of football, but I did not have the cartridge, I rented several times. I do not know 'cause my parents did not buy the cartridge. If it was too expensive or it was difficult to find to sell.


It is difficult to compare prices of time before the actual. Here is a simple comparison: no final de 1994 my mother gave me the Monica cartridge in the Dragon Castle and I remember very well that it cost 32 real – at the time the minimum wage was 64 real. Now a ps4 game costs on average 199 but the real minimum wage is above 750 in other words, the cartridges were rather expensive.


Look at this news I found on this subject:

The Master System would cost today around R $ 2,788.21!

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