Primeira Carta da Tec Toy – 22 October 1991

Continuing the articles on the Master Club, I bring here scanned the first reply letter I sent to Tec Toy. Note that I do not have the letter I sent to them to receive such a response, since in 1991 I had neither a computer nor a typewriter, so I sent this letter must have been written by hand. Therefore, I do not have copy of it. But the response from Tec Toy can deduce that I asked the tips and tricks of the game Alex Kidd in Miracle World, game that came out in my memory Master System II, and also asked to submit tips and tricks from other games, without specifying which, after all I had other games, beyond Summer Games (California Games), and could direct my locations as the tips received.

Tec Toy replied in 22 October 1991 and annexed the tips and tricks of the game Alex Kidd in Miracle World, which I will show another time.

Letter from Tec Toy drafted in 22 October 1991 in response to my first letter to them

Letter from Tec Toy drafted in 22 October 1991 in response to my first letter to them

When in doubt on how to preserve the jornaizinhos, letters and other documents made a first experiment with Adobe Acrobat DC, scanning in 600 dpi a partir do scanner of Multifuncional HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus. O Acrobat DC me permite usar o driver TWAIN para digitalizar, contrary to what happens in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.

Adobe Acrobat DC already does the OCR content, which can help me to index it for search and easily find in the future. Furthermore, PDF is already a very consolidated format that tends not so easily in the future desparecer. The file of this first letter got 6,61MB in PDF, then you can not make such files here due to the space limit on the server Skooter Blog. Not intend to host externally files as this always ends up finishing services are discontinued and broken links. Also I exported to a JPEG in good quality and I ended up with a 3,38MB file, also impractical for blog, but whose reduced version, with only 67KB, It is what I am putting this article, as JPG files usually preferable in browsers, since it can be placed directly on the webpage, no major frills. A lot of people hate open a link and find it's a heavy PDF, which led to the bulletin “Care, PDF” us Cardoso items.

The PDF format will also be useful for jornaizinhos, that has multiple pages, because then everything is organized in a single file, which would not happen with the JPEG, unless you utilizasse formats like CDZ and the CDR, which are nothing more than a series of JPEG files in a single ZIP or RAR file, respectively. But readers CDZ and CDR are often not native, and already has native PDF reader in Windows 10 and several other operating systems.

Therefore, I intend to continue doing this scheme, scanning to PDF 600 dpi and exporting to a smaller JPG here for Skooter Blog. But I accept suggestions for better ways to proceed. Leave in comments.

Finally, the contents of the letter in text (thanks to OCR) to facilitate the Google index, do Bing, do Baidu, and the rest of the gang from the noise, allowing others possibly find these contents.

Sao Paulo, 22 October 1991.
We are sending you as requested, as dicas do jogo Alex Kidd in Miracle Word.
To send “Tricks” other games, we need to know what you need.
A hug
Customer Service Center
Avenida Ermano Marchetti, 576 – 1º Andar – MOBILE 05038 – PABX 260-8311 – Fax (011) 260-4314 – Telex (11 ) 25773 – Lapa • São Paulo • SP • Brazil

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I arrived later in the Alex Kidd and did not know he needed a sequel to spend. It's a part he stepped in the wrong place exit the ghost, something like. So I called a phone (I think it was Hot Line) and they passed these tips by phone and I make it to the end. Then I found out that this sequence was obtained in an earlier castle, through a passageway.

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