Carta da Tec Toy – 31 October 1991

Continuing the articles on the Master Club, here is the second letter I received from Tec Toy, response to that was also probably the second letter I sent to them, before receiving the response First Letter.

Again, I have the contents of my letter, being the year 1991, It was certainly handwritten. But the answers we can deduce:

  • Asked to join the Master Club. As I had just won the Master System II, I probably already sent Response Card Business, but had not yet received an answer. The answer was that I should send the Response Card Business. 🙂
  • Used with cartridges Atari 2600 containing various games, I should have asked to the Master System also had cartridges with more than one game. The answer was a no. In the future Tec Toy end up throwing at least one cartridge with more games, was such that the 20 in 1. And according to the Dossier OLD!Gamer: Master System, Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting, Originally released by Sega in 1986, also came out here, but do not know exactly what year was the national launch to whether the Tec Toy was correct in his assertion 1991. Another cartridge with a game, the Arcade Smash Hits It was never released in Brazil. Por fim, the Dossier OLD!Gamer: Master System indicates or Hang-On / Safari Hunt It was released in Brazil, however I believe this refers only to the fact that the game be in memory of the first Master System released by Tec Toy. There would be no reason for Tec Toy throw the cartridge, since all Master System consoles already were with him in memory, unlike what happened in other countries. With the release of Master System II com o Alex Kidd in Miracle World in memory, it is possible that Hang-On / Safari Hunt has been released on cartridge, but I never saw.
  • I have asked the Arcade joystick type was exclusive of the Master System. A Tec Toy respondeu que sim. Of course I would not answer differently, but the fact is that the Quickshot, the actual manufacturer of this joystick that only mattered Tec Toy, also made versions for other consoles. Furthermore, todos os controles do Master System (do sistema real, not these consoles- emulators today) also work in Atari 2600. But I do not remember exactly why I asked that question, It must have been because my cousin had a Nintendo (Top Game) and became interested in joystick.
  • The fourth answer to my question was that today can be seen as very beast: if there was an adapter for use game Mega Drive on the Master System. The fact that there is an adapter that did the opposite (use games Master System on the Mega Drive) It has given rise to rumors that there was an adapter to use games Mega Drive on the Master System. In a pre-Internet era, there was no way to check that it was a rumor quickly. And there was always that guy who said until've seen such an adapter in store, the house of the friend's neighbor's cousin, and there will. Of course, the answer was a disappointing not.
  • Por fim, Tec Toy sent me again hints about the game Alex Kidd in Miracle World. I was really struggling to advance in this game, that to this day I consider one of the toughest Island. 🙂

Check out the letter from Tec Toy:

Carta da Tec Toy - 31 October 1991

Carta da Tec Toy – 31 October 1991

And transcription:

Sao Paulo, 31 October 1991.
To join and send us the appropriate response Commercial Card.
There cartridges for the Master System with more than one game on the same.
O joystick tipo Arcade e exclusivo para o Master System sim.
There is no adapter to receive the Master System Mega Drive cartridges. The adapter hesitate is for the Mega Drive receive Master System cartridges.
We are sending the tip of Alex Kidd in Miracle World, as requested.
A hug
Oa Consumer Service Center
Avenida Ermano Marchetti, 576 – Ground floor – MOBILE 05038 – PABX 260-8311 – Fax (011) 260-4314 – Telex (11) 83730 – Sheet – Sao Paulo – SP – Brazil
REF. T. T. 0009

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Cool. Interestingly, despite the answers are short and to the point, actually were individual responses and not a generic letter. But what the attachment with the tips of Alex Kidd, u lost paper?


Sensational. Gostaria muito de ter uma dessas em um quadro, mesmo que não tenha sido direcionada a mim.
Teria interesse em negociar alguma?

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