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Continuing the articles on the Master Club, Today I show the Tec Toy tips about the game Alex Kidd in Miracle World from the Master System, that came in the memory of the Master System II. The tips were sent in responses to my first and second letters to the Tec Toy.

In both letters, I got the same attachment tips, printed on two sheets of solid form with dot matrix printer,. I believe that they already had the files ready tips in WordStar or some other editor and printed on demand as the letters asking arriving tips. Interestingly the individual and personalized response of two cards (first and second) apparently were not printed, but typed.

I think it's pretty cool that the Tec Toy had with customers, answering the letters in a personalized manner, typing (without the possibility of copying and pasting), printing tips, sending it by mail, etc. I think it unlikely that I would have the same attention by sending a letter to Sony or Microsoft today.

In the booklet of tips is a small sheet of the game, the plot, the name of 11 worlds and then the tips. The first is on CONTINUE, that could be “bought” with 400 plateaus using a sequence in the GAME OVER screen. Sega really did not make this game, even with CONTINUE he was still very difficult, it was not easy to 400 plateaus left, and they could still be missed when buying an item in another part of the game. Another tip was about the secret passage which was under the first octopus, com direito à um erro ortográfico (“precione”) 🙂

Na segunda página há a dica de pegar a carta dirigida ao Reino de Nibana no primeiro castelo e entrega-la ao rei no segundo castelo para receber a Pedra Hirotta. Na Pedra Hirotta temos a sequência de elementos necessários para terminar o jogo no terceiro castelo. O folheto também traz a sequência da Pedra Hirotta para o caso de vacilarmos e não pegá-la. Há também a estratégia para ganhar do Janken, o grande, que é o último chefe.

Por fim, há a sequência de pedra, papel ou tesoura para ganhar no Janken-Po dos chefes durante o jogo. O folheto não menciona, mas essa sequência só vale na primeira partida após ligar o console. If you press the RESET or carry a GAME OVER and start again, the sequence changes. It took me a while to draw it and did not understand why the sequence did not work. After deducting just and even I confirmed this with the Tec Toy in third card, that I will show here in Skooter Blog. Apparently they use a pseudo-random sequence that starts when you turn on the console, always with the same seed.

Check out the two pages of scanned brochure tips:

Tec Toy tips: Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Page 1

Tec Toy tips: Alex Kidd in Miracle World – Page 1

Tec Toy tips: Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Page 2

Tec Toy tips: Alex Kidd in Miracle World – Page 2

And transcription:


D.L. – NOV /1989 .
Video – Master
Cloud – 1
Series – B
Code – 010810
Peripheral – JoysticK
Category – Adventure

PLOT : There are also many centuries , no planet Aries, lived a boy named Alex Kidd. For seven years he lived on Mount Eternal studying Shellcore , an ancient martial art that taught break large stones with his own hands.

One day left the Monte Eternal to return to their homeland ,he found a dying man who made him a revelation:
The peaceful town of Radactian was in great danger. Before exhaling the last breath, the man gave Alex a fragment of a map and a piece of the Sun Stone.

Now Alex Kidd will have to face the dangers of 11 mundos do Miracle World:

1. Monte Eternal
2. Deep lake
3. Santo Island Man Nurari
4. The Pequana Ciade of Namui
5. Monte Coffee
6. Black forest
7. Lowlands Bingo
8. Castle Radactian
9. City Radactian
10. Reino de Nibana
11. Lago Cragg

You will soon discover that Janken, the big ,Emperor planet Janbarik, is your enemy. His plan is to invade Radactian and dominates it completely.


CONTINUE : When the screen appears ” GAME OVER “, Press Directional pad up ,and two button eight times; this will only work if you're over 400 coins.

SECRET PASSAGE : The secret passage this in the first octopus,use the magic powder from being struck by the same, and three punches on his face ; touch the belly of Alex Kidd in the octopus stag and precione down again.

FIRST CASTLE : Save the brother of Alex Kidd and do not forget to pick up The Charter Person Addressed to the Kingdom of Nibana.

SECOND CASTLE : Submit the letter to the King and he will give you the Hirotta Stone.

CASTLE THIRD : Find Janken the Great and his win in Janken Gee, Win after you stay close to your belly expect him to shoot,skip and three punches on his horn, it will give you the medallion of the sun.

HIROTTA STONE : Sol , waves , take , Star , Sol , take, waves, Fish, Star, Fish .

Winning combinations OF JANKENS :

1. STONE HEAD (Stone head ) – Stone , Scissors
2. SCISSORS HEAD (Scissor Head) – Scissors , Paper
3. PAPER HEAD (Paper head ) – Stone , Scissors
4. STONE HEAD (Stone head ) – Paper , Paper
5. SCISSORS HEAD (Scissor Head) – Stone , Stone
6. PAPER HEAD (Scissor Head) – Stone , Scissors

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Do not know Alex Kidd in Miracle World? Then check out this video:

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I played so many times that easily went through all stages until the end without dying any time. I remember carrying a 40 minutes to complete the game.

I found it interesting that this matrix printed not deteriorated with time, it is still perfectly readable.

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