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Last month I spoke here in Skooter Blog on the Master Club da Tec Toy, of which I became a partner in 1991, After gaining a Master System II. In that article I also mentioned that in 1994, Master Club and Mega Club were unified and the Sega Club, covering all the consoles of the Tec Toy, which at the time were Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive and accessories (Sega CD, 32X).

In 1995 the Tec Toy did a re-registration for the launch of the new Sega Club. With the re-, the Tec Toy sent so a new card, This time, plastic, with name, code and expiration date in auto-relevo, as bank cards. The card also had a holographic seal in front, In addition to the magnetic stripe and signature space on the back.

In the article on the Master Club I also mentioned that my Sega Club card was missing, but I was sure he was kept somewhere. Days ago I was at my parents ' House and I decided to look for the Sega Club card among my things are still out there. I ended up finding. Check out:

New Sega Club card from Tec Toy

New Sega Club card from Tec Toy

New Sega Club card from Tec Toy

New Sega Club card from Tec Toy

I can't say how long lasted the Sega Club. The last newsletter I found is 1995, but it is possible that there are others that are stored elsewhere. The validity of my card was October 1996. I didn't get another. I think the last newsletter should have left at the end of 1996 or early 1997, shortly before the Tec Toy bankruptcy. The Sega Club should have finished by that time, unfortunately, Although the Dreamcast has been released after.

The Tec Toy recovered, but was never the same. There's no more toys really as different as Think Well, There's no more-of-the-art consoles as were the Master System, Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast. Made an attempt of new console with the Zeebo, but not. But still retains the focus on electronic toys, where it all began: Today sells tablets geared for kids, at Master System that only emulates the original hardware, a portable Mega Drive which is also just an emulator, Dvd Players laptops also aimed at children, baby monitors, and other.

With Sega itself having abandoned the console market, the chances of a new Sega Club are virtually nil. But my card will remain saved as a memento of that time not coming back. 🙂

In the next articles in the series will continue publishing letters from Tec Toy, Tec Toy tips and the Master jornaizinhos Club and the Sega Club.

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Marcus Cardoso

Ainda tenho meu cartão do Sega Club até hoje também, o meu tem validade de 07/98, tenho inclusive a carta que enviaram o cartão, com promoções e encartes.

Recebia as Revistas da SEGA Club, e a primeira que recebi é de Abril/Maio de 97. A última foi Nov/Dez de 97, com eles se despedindo, dizendo que não teriam mais as revistas, ainda tenho as edições guardadas, se precisar de imagens eu te envio.

Congratulations blog, acompanho as postagens sobre o Mega, Hug!


Acabo de encontrar o meu cartão do SEGA CLUB tectoy !!! Quanta emoção !!! Acho que somos um grupo bem seleto a ainda ter esse cartão. ❤️

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