Letter from Tec Toy- 17 January 1992

Continuing the articles on the Master Club, here is another letter that I received from Tec Toy. This is the third and it's response to that was also, probably, the third card I sent them.

Again don't have the content of my letter. In 1992 I had neither a computer nor a typewriter, so my letter was handwritten and certainly not kept copies. I will comment on each answer and try to deduce the inquiry when appropriate. The answer came typed, those sophisticated machines that had to BACKSPACE. 🙂 Se ficou curioso, the BACKSPACE probably was implemented through a memory of the last typed letters and a white ribbon which was playing concealer.

My first question should have been about the game Sonic, the Hedgehog for the Master System. O jogo foi lançado em 1991 pela Sega. Deve ter saído em algumas revistas nacionais no final de 1991, mas a Tec Toy ainda levou mais um tempinho para lança-lo no Brasil. Eu devo ter perguntado se a Tec Toy iria lança-lo aqui no Brasil e a resposta foi que ele estava sendo distribuído em Janeiro de 1992. Se algo melhorou no cenário brasileiro de videogames é que hoje temos lançamentos no Brasil simultâneos com os lançamentos feitos na civilização. Só os preços é que continuam sendo muito mais elevados para nós.

Eventually the Sonic, the Hedgehog chegou na locadora que eu frequentava, e acabei alugando-o umas três vezes. É muito interessante ver como a Sega contornou as limitações do Master System to make a game very different from what we have in Mega Drive. The game has another dynamic, but it is also very good. If memory serves me, I think I reached the end only the second time I rented. At that time I was already wanting a Mega Drive, but a launch of weight as the Sonic, the Hedgehog got a good survival rate to Master System.

My second question was certainly about the Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II, launched to the Master System in mid- 1992. They replied that they had no information to give me. Again, I must have known that the game was being developed through TV or a magazine. The first announcements must have been made in 1991, when Ayrton Senna was tri-champion of Formula 1. In January 1992 Tec Toy certainly had no information, after all, the game was only released by Sega in the second half of 1992.

When the Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II was released in Brazil I probably already had my first Sega Genesis, because in my childhood I only played Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II do Mega Drive. I still remember that this was the first game I rented and had regional lock. I was very upset when I got home, put the Japanese cartridge in the American console and see that message: “This cartridge was developed for use outside North and South America (except Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay). It cannot be used with hardware units for sale within these areas”. Fortunately my cousin had a Japanese Mega Drive in which the cartridge worked perfectly. We changed consoles during that weekend, undoing the exchange on Monday. Later, after going through Super Nintendo and have a Mega Drive again, this time the Mega Drive III, I ended up winning the cartridge Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II do Mega Drive, national version of Tec Toy. But Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II from the Master System I ended up playing only in emulators at the end of the years 90, and on the real hardware only after acquiring the Mega Everdrive.

The third question was for confirm my suspicions that the streak to win at Janken-Po at Alex Kidd in Miracle World in Tec Toy's tips only apply to the first game after turning on the console. If you restart or take Game Over and start a second game, the sequence changes all. Tec Toy confirmed this, although the answer does not make it clear whether they are talking about losing a Janken-Po game or losing the game and restarting.

The fourth question must have been about the existence of Safari Hunt in cartridge, because I didn't have it at the video store and it was a game that I really wanted, because I liked to play Duck Hunt from Nintendo, that my cousin (the same as I mentioned above) had (I think it came with the pistol Top Game da CCE). As or Safari Hunt came in the memory of the first Master System, Tec Toy unfortunately never launched the cartridge, so that the owners of Master System II they had no way to play it. Only recently, with the acquisition of Master Everdrive, is that I finally got to know the Safari Hunt and even do a little video.

At the time when I had the Master System II, my cousin had Nintendo, first one Top Game and then one Dynavision II. I really enjoyed playing the trilogy Ninja Gaiden, mainly the Ninja Gaiden II that he had and the games of the Mega Man (he had the Mega Man 2). I regretted that there was no Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man for the Sega Master System. At the time Tec Toy launched in Brazil some Mini Games with versions of video games, including several from Sega. She called these Mini Games “Master Series”. I don’t remember if they got to advertise referring to the fact that they’re Master System games or if I just deduced that from the “Master Series”. I only know that I was very intrigued by the existence of a Ninja Gaiden and an Mega Man us “Master Series Mini Games”, the Master System did not have such games.

Tec Toy confirmed that there are games from Master System for Master Series Mini Games, but that there were no games Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden no Master System. Remember, the Ninja Gaiden was later released for the Master System, in 1992, when the company's exclusivity contract ended Nintendo with Tecmo. It ended up being launched by Tec Toy too, but at this point i think i already had the Sega Genesis. The Ninja Gaiden Master System is another game that I only played with emulators and real hardware after the acquisition of Mega Everdrive. The Old file!gamer. Master System puts the release date of the Ninja Gaiden from the Master System as being 1990, but I think they got it wrong.

Por fim, I asked Tec Toy about the Gig Drive. This would be a prototype of a new console that Sega would be working on. Who first released the news seems to have been the American magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM). This magazine used to appear in Brazil on some newsstands, with some delay of course. They were famous for being very thick (many pages), unlike the national ones that were thin. Even though most of the EGM pages were advertising, it still had much more content than national magazines. Furthermore, was known for being the news source for the various Brazilian magazines, so anyone who knew English could read it first hand at EGM. I don't know exactly where I read about the Gig Drive, may have been at EGM, it may have been in some national magazine like Ação Games, Supergame, Videogame. The fact is that it is not known exactly what the end ended Gig Drive. Some say he was the prototype of Sega Saturn, but in 1990 it was too early for that, after all the Sega Saturn was released only in 1994. It could be a prototype of a new console that later turned into one or two Mega Drive accessories (32X and Sega CD, I'm talking about you)? Maybe, it's quite possible. It could be a prototype based on System 32, board arcade Sega launched in 1990? This hypothesis is perhaps more likely.

Regardless of what it was and what end the Gig Drive, it is a fact that no console with that name has been launched. However Tec Toy replied that the Gig Drive it was a Japanese Sega launch, that had not been launched in Brazil but that in the future it could be launched. Then I think it was a hesitation from Tec Toy, because Gig Drive it was not a Japanese Sega launch, it was just a supposed prototype. But part may be true, case or Gig Drive has become the Sega CD, the 32X ou o Sega Saturn, because the three were launched by Tec Toy in Brazil.

Finally Tec Toy said he was sending me the tips I requested and the Map of Alex Kidd in Miracle World. De fate, and in First Letter eles disseram que para enviar outras dicas eles precisavam saber de quais eu precisava, eu acabei enviando uma listona de jogos para eles, praticamente tudo que tinha na locadora e alguns do folhetinho que vinha com o Master System II. E eles enviaram as dicas de praticamente todos os jogos que pedi e até de alguns que não pedi. Por fim enviaram esse mapa do Alex Kidd in Miracle World, que na verdade foi uma edição especial da revista Videogame. Essa edição era realmente um mapa, que desdobrado ficava bem grande, had screenshots colados e montados em sequência, mostrando o jogo completo. Esta revista foi vendida nas bancas, mas a Tec Toy me enviou sem custo algum e sem que eu pedisse. Obrigado Tec Toy. 🙂

Não estou com o Mapa do Alex Kidd in Miracle World no momento para mostrar aqui. I know I still have a box of game magazines stored somewhere in my parents' house. She’s probably also in that box. The day I find, I will show it here.

The game tips that Tec Toy sent me with this letter are all here in a folder. I will scan and publish them in the next articles.

Check out the letter from Tec Toy:

Letter from Tec Toy- 17 January 1992

Letter from Tec Toy- 17 January 1992

And transcription:

Sao Paulo, 17 January 1992.
We received your letter and there go your answers.
Yes, Sonic has already been released for the Master System, it is being distributed in stores this January.
As for the game of Ayrton Senna, we still don't have information to be able to give it to you.
No Alex Kidd in Miracle World, no Janken-Pô, in case you lose once, the sequence totally changes.
Safari Hunt does not exist in a cartridge. Yes, Master games exist for the Master Series Minigames. Mega Man and Ninja Gaidem Minigames do not exist for the Master System.
Giga Drive is a Japanese Sega launch, It was not released in Brazil, but wait, it may be that in the future we will launch it.
We are sending you the requested tips and the Alex Kidd Map in Miracle World
Customer Service Center
Avenida Ermano Marchetti, 576 - Ground Floor - CEP 05038 — PA BX 260-8311 — Fax (011) 260-4314 — Telex (11) 83730 - Lapa - São Paulo - SP - Brazil
REF T.T. 0009

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