ESWAT – Master System – Tec Toy tips

Continuing the articles on the Master Club, Today I show the tips of the Tec Toy for the game ESWAT from the Master System.

ESWAT It was released by Sega for the Master System in 1990, piggybacking on the success of Robocop, and is a conversion of the arcade version, launched in the previous year.

The ESWAT It was released by Tec Toy in Brazil and was available in stores I frequented, reason I asked for tips for the Tec Toy.

This is the cover of the ESWAT in version of the Tec Toy, extracted from the Cemetery Games:

Cover of ESWAT - Master System

Cover of ESWAT – Master System

Of all the tips I got from the Tec Toy, I think this is the only one who sent a laser copy, instead of a dot matrix printing, as I showed in the Tips from Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Thus there is some screenshoTS along with the tips. The cover art of the game was also placed in the booklet of tips, and interestingly enough part of the text seems to have been typed. Apparently made a collage of parts of the manual and typed the tips.

The spelling of ESWAT Neither is clear. At the opening of the game appears ESWAT (all together), but on the cover of the game appears E-SWAT (with the line separating). On the cover of international versions also appears separately, but on the cover of the versions of Mega Drive appears with. I assumed the spelling ESWAT just because you have more occurrences.

Check out the two pages of tips of ESWAT Master System scanned:

Tec Toy tips - ESWAT - Master System - Page 1

Tec Toy tips – ESWAT – Master System – Page 1

Tec Toy tips - ESWAT - Master System - Page 2

Tec Toy tips – ESWAT – Master System – Page 2

And transcription:

-2 Cloud
-1 Player
-5 Phases

Plot : Balzar , mad scientist , will attempt to conquer the world and only you E.S.W.A. T COP can stop him. E.S.W.A. T. rmas Special Tactics Advanced Air means you will receive a suit of armor and weapons required to win and his gang Balzar.

The indicators of the game
Be well acquainted with all the indicators of the game. A quick look is all you need, while maintaining the combat with the bunch of gangsters!

Highest Score
Point score:
Remaining time
Life meter

Round 1: Save the little Cindy!

In this round to defeat the first villain stay down in the middle of the screen and when the same shoot ,shoot and jump. Do the same thing with the next villain and shoot his head.

Round 2: Penetrate the enemy!
Stay low firing without to and use the power of fire if possible.

Round 3 : For Abandoned.

Round 4: In the middle of enemy territory!
Stay in under the guns of the machine shredder and destroy them,then des trua lower cannons.

Round 5: ?
Use the power of fire, and stay in the right corner shooting and skipped the shooting of Balzar.

Update (02/01/2016): I added this video showing the ESWAT of Master System to better illustrate the article:

The equipment used for this capture was:

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