Framemeister XRGB Mini – Firmware 2.02

This week the Micomsoft released version 2.02 do firmware from the Framemeister XRGB Mini. This is something that I've been enjoying on Micomsoft, She continues working to include new features in Framemeister XRGB Mini, What helps in the perception that the investment was worth it.

I'm still very pleased with my purchase, the image of my classic consoles (Atari 2600, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, and Playstation One) still amazing. The resources j[the were of great size, and are increasing. There's not much I wait for new firmware, except 480i resolution of support Mega Drive and for a change to a resolution for another. And maybe for some feature that zoom automatic by eliminating the lower and upper edges which vary from game to game would also be interesting.

The list of changes from version 2.02 Unfortunately it's only in Japanese. As domino not the language the most I got was this automatic translation it's no big deal, but that gives you an idea of the changes:

It will include significant changes, as the OSD menu. Please, check the following in-depth content before upgrading.
04 January 2016 Fixes:
<CPU ver. 2.02>
When ■ SD resolution, I have improved the problem that the image was that the lack of edge of the left and right sides of the screen.
■ you have to adjust your filter settings at the time of the screen mode “x 2”. 12 June, corrects year of 2015: <CPU View. 2.00 to> When ■ HDMI output at the time of the setting of the track “OUTPUT_RANGE” it is “limited”, improved the problem that you didn't work correctly. Add, change 20 April 2015: I have renovated ■ OSD menu. Reorganizes for frequently used order, was to abolish the special screen setup more complex. Newly created screen fit and sync settings · HDMI setting and audio setting · DATA, and gave a gender division. In addition, It was with a subfolder of the configuration / D · ScanLine · · CELOFANE DIVIDE_MODE in SPECIAL. ■ We have added the SAVE function / LOAD to the SD card. You can manage configuration data using a SD card. Charging function, not all data, Select if each input channel can be used to load. ■ He now supports monochrome video signal. ■ We have added a “CELLOPHANE” in particular. As cellophane overlaying a monochrome video signal can be displayed. The number of colors and wide obi, can be specified. ■ We have added a “CLAMP_MODE” for setting the / D. You can use at the time of RGB input. Is a special sign for. ■ that extend the functionality of scan line. I can specify the brightness of adjacent rows, a “INT_SMOOTH” “DEC_SMOOTH”. It is now possible to most natural scanning line representation. ■ We have added a “Synchronous TIME” in a synchronized set. When the synchronization signal is interrupted, You can specify the time to re-find the input signal. But the resolution is how, in a sign of interruption of game machine synchronization, such is momentarily at the time of switching uaris scene, black-out by re-recognition of the signal is reduced. ■ “, still” “,” scan line (button C) “,” button “AV ZOOM mute (yellow)” on the remote I was, in order to switch. ■ the time when you press the button “Status” the remote control was 20 seconds 10 display seconds. ■ change the resolution of the remote control output mode of the button has changed to be able to drive. With another press mode already configured (for example, the HDMI output mode pushes back when HDMI), you will see a menu of selection of resolution. ■ was altered to look like “CLASSIC_MODE” a more natural. Problem Fix: I was corrected color conversion table for each ■ DVI output resolution. ■ rare SD card that fixed the problem which does not recognize. ■ image quality mode fixed a problem that could not be saved. ■ fixed other issues.

You can Download version 2.02 Micomsoft's site directly.

Framemeister XRGB Mini

Framemeister XRGB Mini

Firmware 2.02 installed on my Framemeister Mini XRGB

Firmware 2.02 installed on my Framemeister Mini XRGB

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