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Continuing the articles on the Master Club, Today I show the tips of the Tec Toy for the game Rocky from the Master System. The Rocky has had an article devoted to him here in Skooter Blog, so I recommend reading the same before continuing.

Rocky was released by Sega in 1987, two years after the release of the fourth film in the series (Rocky IV from 1985) and three years before the fifth (Rocky V, from 1990). It was released in Brazil by Tec Toy and his Cape can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Cover of Tec Toy to the Rocky - Master System

Cover of Tec Toy to the Rocky – Master System

The leaflet with the tips of the Rocky the Tec Toy sent me follows the traditional format: is a single sheet of solid form with dot matrix printing, containing the game, the tips and the controls. Here's the scanned brochure:

Tec Toy Tips - Rocky - Master System

Tec Toy Tips – Rocky – Master System

And here's the transcript:


PLOT : After months of hard training and sacrificing everything for this moment long awaited, Rochy finally will play in the world tîtulo against several of the greatest fighters in the history of the box.
In this game, You can fight represents the brave Rocky or any of its famous opponents, in a great battle for the title and for the glory.
You need to play aggressively and must never falter because it could mean a fatal blow and the end of the fight. But, If, Unlike, keep the concentration, the knockout will be his and the title too!

APOLLO – Hit him anywhere and make over 85 at practice
LANG – Hit him in the stomach and make 07 in the second training session
DRAGON – He just loses strength after the fifth round and over 85 at practice
BUTTON D : Guide the footwork of his fighter.
Determines the hit the be executed.
BOTÀO 1 : Keep the face and abdómem.
Does the Dodge, bending the knees of the wrestler.
BOTÀO 2 :(Depending on the distance between the fighters exe-


TEC TOY Promotions

To complete, Let the little video of my return to Rocky, after more than 20 years without playing. As of costume, the video was made with real hardware (No Emulation). This is a video of the game from beginning to end. :)

The equipment used to make this video were:
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