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Doesn't sound like much, but the Skooter Blog already has almost 10 years. It was in may 2006 I wrote my first article here. De leaves para fish, a lot has changed, the issues have changed, the international purchases have become the main focus of the blog, and now declined enough thanks to the disastrous economic policy of Dilma/EN, making room for other new and varied subjects.

On the technique came the change of hosting provider, came the self-control, and anyway we stabilized in the us Hawk Host, with which recently closed a upgrade and a contract of 2 years.

But one thing had changed until, the theme and layout were still the same 2006. The old theme was no longer supported by the author for several years. Often I have to do some workaround to include some new WordPress functionality or to fix something broken with new versions of WordPress or plugins. And also it's been over a decade since I've worked with Webdesign, so my patches also tend to be outdated by today's standards.

In this last week finally took shame in the face and tried to find a new theme for the Blog Skooter. Were multiple tests, including various themes responsive, But what pleased me most turned out to be the one you are watching now.

The choice of new theme took place on account of the many customization possibilities. I was able to leave the theme the way I want without having to change a single line of code. The result is a more modern and lighter, with more space for the content, easier to navigate, and with tighter integration with new technologies. E ele ainda está sendo mantido pelo autor, de forma que eu posso me preocupar menos com códigos e mais com a geração de conteúdo.

No servidor também foram feitos ajustes de diversas configurações, versão do PHP, novos módulos. Plugins antigos e/ou problemáticos foram eliminados ou substituídos. O resultado foi um ganho bastante grande no tempo de processamento e carregamento do site, o que deve implicar em uma melhor experiência para nossos leitores, além de evitar sobrecargas no servidor que possam deixar o Skooter Blog indisponível.

And you, o que achou do novo Skooter Blog? Gostou? Ou preferia o antigo? Ficou mais rápido? Ainda falta alguma coisa? Dê uma olhada por aí e nos conte o que você achou nos comentários. 😉

New Submit Your Blog

New Submit Your Blog

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Congratulations Skooter, got note 10

We haven't cleared the full text of RSS posts


The new theme is faster to load. Now, on the subject, What do you mean exactly with disastrous policy? How she affected the high-dollar, for example?

PS: I completely agree with you about the negative influence of the Government on imports, I only ask for more information.


I like the new layout, was show.

Changing the subject, I was wondering if you have received orders recently.
I have spoken to other people with the same problem.
In my case, I 16 orders since late November and only got only 1.
Do you have any idea what's going on?

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