Shinobi-Sega Master System-Tec Toy tips

Continuing the articles on the Master Club, Today I show the tips of the Tec Toy for the game Shinobi from the Master System.

Shinobi It was released by Sega for Arcades in 1987, and became a great success. In 1988 It was ported to the Master System and was eventually brought to Brazil by Tec Toy. His Cape can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Cover of Tec Toy for the Shinobi

Cover of Tec Toy for the Shinobi

Shinobi has really nice graphics and sounds to a console 8 bits. Gameplay and fun are also above average.

Opening of the Shinobi - Master System

Opening of the Shinobi – Master System

The game screen: Shinobi - Master System

The game screen: Shinobi – Master System

The Shinobi It was available in stores I frequented since I won my Master System II, so I rented the cartridge a few times, and this was the reason I have asked for the tips to the Tec Toy.

The game screen: Shinobi - Master System

The game screen: Shinobi – Master System

The game screen: Shinobi - Master System

The game screen: Shinobi – Master System

The leaflet with the tips of the Shinobi the Tec Toy sent me follows the traditional format: are two sheets of solid form with dot matrix printing, containing the game, Tips to get through each stage, a selection of phases and the controls of the game. Here's the scanned brochure:

Tec Toy Tips - Shinobi - Master System - Page 1

Tec Toy Tips – Shinobi – Master System – Page 1

Tec Toy Tips - Shinobi - Master System - Page 2

Tec Toy Tips – Shinobi – Master System – Page 2

And here's a transcript:

PLOT : Shinobi: This name means “secret”, “discretion”.
This is one of his qualities, learned during a life
one piece forged in the discipline, transmitted in your family, of father –
to son,through the decades: the discipline of Ninjitsu!
Are you Joe Musashi, the Ninja master. Your hands and your feet
are lethal. You're , also, a secret agent, the Government service-
on the, and is called every time the fate of Nations is at risk.
The Group of Five kidnapped the children of leaders of
main Nations and keeps them as hostages, in different places in the
World. You will conduct five missions. In each a have to to-
tar hostages, repel the henchmen of the circle of Five and defeat a
líider of this organization. The power is with them. But show all
your ability to fight with the shuriken and you win the help of
Magic Ninja.
PHASE SELECTION – On the screen of the Ninja's face, hold the down directional button and press the button 2.
MISSION 1: Ken OH – Hit multiple shots in his face.
MISSION 2: Black Turtle – Of eight shots at the base of the front of the helicopter
MISSION 3: Mandara – Hitting four shots in each of the statues, they will disappear, and a creature appears in the right corner of the screen. Hit multiple shots in her eye.
Lobster MISSION – Destroy with multiple tiors on my face taking
careful with your sword.
MISSION 5:Masked Ninja
a) Several shots when he's getting ready to jump.
b) Squat and various kicks in the hurricane
c) Jump and three strokes when he's in the air.
d) Let him go to the left corner and multiple shots.
BUTTON 1 Throw shuriken, wields the sword, launches the nunchaku, throw bombs, detonates a revolver, Swingin'(When the enemy is near) and kicks
BUTTON 2 Does Shinobi jump
D button up and BUTTON 2: allows you to jump to higher points Shinobi.
D down BUTTON and button 2: allows the Shinobi skip to points lower.
D down BUTTON and button 1: lets kick the enemy Shinobi that are sufficiently close

And to top, I did a little video demonstrating the Shinobi, done with the original hardware, as costume:

See also what Shinobi with FM sound, something that only those who had a Japanese Master System could use at the time. But with PowerBase Mini FM I can finally play the Master System with FM sound also in the original hardware:

The equipment used for this capture was:

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