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Alex Kidd: High Tech World It was released to the Master System by Sega in 1989 in North America and Europe. It was also released in Brazil by Tec Toy. What few people knew at the time, is that this game was released in Japan in 1987 with the name Anmitsu Hime, a character from the Japanese manga and anime. For Western release, Sega has modified the sprites and the history of the game, and also placed the texts in English. The idea seems to have been hitching a ride on the success of its new mascot, Alex Kidd.

The move certainly helped sell Alex Kidd: High Tech World, that would certainly have less sales if it had been released with the original character. But, must also have helped to burn the mascot, because the game is far short of the excellent Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Alex Kidd in Shinobi World.

Alex Kidd: High Tech World

Alex Kidd: High Tech World

The game blend RPG and action. Are two phases of RPG (first and third) and two phases of action (second and fourth). The game was unsuccessful in two styles at the same time, because none of the two game modes are really good.

The story is as follows: Alex Kidd, Prince of Radactian, learned that opened a new pinball machine in a location a little far. To get there, he needs a map, that was torn in 8 pieces that are scattered around the Castle. The game starts with the watch marking 9 hours in the morning and the Alex Kidd has to 5 in the afternoon to get the arcade, because apparently he can't just walk the next day if you do not give. You know these spoiled little princes, nor?

Alex Kidd: High Tech World

Alex Kidd: High Tech World

Well, to find the map you need to walk through several floors and several rooms of the Castle, talking to people, taking tips, going, coming back, going again, etc. The problem is not just the difficulty of getting the pieces of the map, also filled the castle of deadly traps. Alex walks into a room, think armor, if you put you will be caught in it and game over. Alex finds a computer, if you turn it will take a shock game over. There is no way to know what's trap and what is but by trial and error. missed? It starts all over again. well frustrating.

Time also plays against Alex Kidd. Each time we enter a room, for example, we lost 5 minutes. You have to go pick up noting how each map piece between the various game over and then try to do everything at once without wasting time.

To give you an idea, one of the map pieces is with a teacher and to get it you need to pass a test, in which there 10 questions, such as: What is the capital of Japan? What is the name of the 15th stage of Space Harrier? How many grams in a pound has? Onde foram os primeiros Jogos Olímpicos? Quantos ossos há no corpo humano? Quantas estrelas há na bandeira dos EUA? Qual é a moeda italiana? Tip: in 1989 não era o Euro. 😛

Você sabe qual é a moeda da Itália?

Você sabe qual é a moeda da Itália?

Outro pedaço do mapa está queimado. Tocou nele? Game Over! É preciso achar um telefone, ligar para um número que está em uma agenda, esperar um tempo, entrar em uma sala específica para pegar um restaurador para pedaço do mapa queimado. Simples de deduzir né?

Em outra ocasião é preciso acertar o nome de 6 serviçais para conseguir o pedaço do mapa. Não há muito o que fazer a não ser ir tentando até acertar a sequência, perdendo tempo em cada tentativa errada. Ultimately, find all the pieces by trial and error and being punished with game over for any slide unpredictable is what makes the game boring and frustrating.

How about guess the name of the 6 girls there to earn another piece of the map?

How about guess the name of the 6 girls there to earn another piece of the map?

The action stages are also frustrating, because they are very difficult and the controls are not the best. And why the ninjas are trying to kill Alex Kidd after all? In Brazil the Mary of the Rosary I know that there is a serious risk of being mugged on the way between your House and the arcade, but being attacked by ninjas is a much more unlikely.

I still remember from my childhood, When I was going to the arcade and on the way came all those ninjas trying to kill me

I still remember from my childhood, When I was going to the arcade and on the way came all those ninjas trying to kill me

Never leave to go to the arcade without a good portion of shurikens in his pocket

Never leave to go to the arcade without a good portion of shurikens in his pocket

In the second part of RPG's have to get inside a temple and pray a HUNDRED times to get a ticket. Who would have thought that without a script? And to make matters worse, there's still a pistol, If you take, will be searched on the way out of town and take one more game over. And finally comes the last phase, action also, and also very difficult.

Note that the game was released by Tec Toy in English anyway, with a clear warning on the box: “This game contains texts in English. Not understanding this language can degrade performance.”. This warning made me leave the game at the video store several times, because as a child he knew practically no English. Until the day I had nothing else interesting to rent and I decided to take a chance. And the Tec Toy was right. If even today, knowing English, the game is frustrating, Imagine a child seeing that piece of text without understanding anything. His Cape can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Cover of Tec Toy to Alex Kidd - High Tech World

Cover of Tec Toy to Alex Kidd: High Tech World

Us 3 screenshots on the back there are no texts, and two of them are part of action in forest. At least the covers of the Tec Toy doesn't have that indication, in the upper left corner, game category, as in the U.S. covers, because there the Sega put “Action”, omitting most of the game is RPG.

The leaflet with the tips of the Alex Kidd: High Tech World the Tec Toy sent me follows the traditional format, but this time are three sheets of solid form with dot matrix printing. The brochure is again divided into plot, Tips and joystick. The detail exactly what must be done in stages of RPG, including the location of all the pieces of the map. Also has the password to start the last phase.

Tec Toy Tips - Alex Kidd High Tech World - Master System - Page 1

Tec Toy Tips – Alex Kidd High Tech World – Master System – Page 1

Tec Toy Tips - Alex Kidd High Tech World - Master System - Page 2

Tec Toy Tips – Alex Kidd High Tech World – Master System – Page 2

Tec Toy Tips - Alex Kidd High Tech World - Master System - Page 3

Tec Toy Tips – Alex Kidd High Tech World – Master System – Page 3

And here's a transcript:


PLOT behold the newest challenge for our hero Alex Kidd, he
will have to find eight parts of a map that this hidden inside your Castle , your friend Paul told you about the most amazing arcade, the High tech world, but Paul did a dirty with Alex, tore up the map in eight parts and hid from Alex. Do You, you have to find the map , go through a forest,find a travel pass , across town to the arcades before it close the 17:00 h.

PARENTS – Talk to your parents on the fifth floor and take the real part of the map, between twice to ask the real map.
TEACHER MARY – Visit James on the fourth floor. Go to the floor 3 and do the test with the teacher Mary.

Test answers
3. 450
5. 5050
6. 206
7. 50
10. 5

You will receive a piece of the map if you hit all the issues.

MAP BURNED (JAMES) – Back on James on the floor 4 , He will deliver a portion of the map do not take , because he's burned , you will have to restauralo, then go to the first floor and turn to Rock Well number – 123-4321 ; then go to the first door after the clock and between five to six times, It will appear , and will give you the Restorer of scrolls, go back to the floor 4 and restore the map of James.

KITCHEN – On the kitchen floor 1 ,go into the cauldron and choose ” Yes ” , in the pot of purple color of the side of the table at the bottom of the vase in blue you'll find the other part of the map.

SERVANTS – On the skirt of the servants on the ground 1 , opcione the following names and get the map .

2. Betty
3. Janet
4. Cindy
5. Susy
6. Kate

Watch – On the third floor climb on the ladder in the left , stay in front of the Blue Vase ( take the ladder miniature ). Go back to the floor 3 and stay ahead of the clock, target Alex up and take another piece of the map hidden in the clock.

BOOKSTORE – In the bookstore of the floor 4 talk to John then visit Barbara on the ground 2 , go back to the bookstore and again speak with John and he will give you the part 7 the map .

TOM & MARK – On the ground 2 visit Tom & Mark in and out several times to deliver the map .

COMPLETE MAP – With the complete map go to the floor 4 and exit to the right , atravesse a ponte , climb the ladder and grab the key in blue pot . Go down the ladder until you find another ladder , up . Keep the left , then climb the stairs and look for a safe , open it and you will find hang gliding . Go back to the bridge and Alex Kidd will jump out of the Wing Castle.

NINJA FOREST – Once you reach the bridges , shoot first before you jump and you can settle the ninjas before they attack.
obs: Look for the Magic in the forest so that it him a special message

THE VILLAGE – When you arrive in the village, go to the diviner . If you have seen the magic in the forest it will give you a message.
Go to antique shop and buy a Back Scratcher then sell it for $ 1000. Out of town you need a pass . To achieve this , go to church and pray 100 times. Is a blue cover on back, is pink.

obs : Do not reach for your gun ,You can be arrested

FOREST ANIMALS – Care ! Destroy the ninjas before jumping before jumping . After the bridge you will find the High Teck .



Directional : Moves the Alex Kidd to the right and to the left . Moves the cursor .

Up : To climb stairs .
Enter abitações.
Examine objects

Down : For down stairs.

Button 1: Change the GAME screen and the screen MAP/INVENTORY
Salta .

Button 2 : Does advance the screens of messages
Confirm the selections of cursor Throw stars.

Tec Toy Promotions

I don't even remember if I rented the game before or after receiving the tips from Tec Toy. The tips help you a lot in the RPG, but you need to follow very strictly the instructions and do absolutely nothing that was not stated. I was just trying to explore the game in the video I made to show the Alex Kidd: High Tech World and took two game over unpredictable pitfalls. I had no patience to start the game a third time and simply gave up.

To complete, this is the little video demonstrating the Alex Kidd: High Tech World, all the original hardware and no emulation, as costume:

The equipment used for this capture was:

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