Myths about the battery of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

In January I wrote here on Skooter Blog about my Xiaomi Mi Band 1S newly acquired. I've been using it constantly since then, removing it only to reload, What actually just did a single time so far, even after 40 days of continuous use.

Recently I was browsing around on some forums and noticed that many interested in MI Band 1S were having ideas about misguided her battery life.

In a post, a member of the Forum said would opt for the old model of Mi Band because her battery last 30 days only 10 of MI Band 1S.

In another posting, another Member said that it would buy the old model of Mi Band because only had an interest in the function of monitoring sleep and had no interest in monitor heartbeat.

The fact is that both are wrong and I'll explain the reason, because I believe that I have a parcel of guilt that misconceptions. In my original analysis, said the battery of MI Band 1S last of 10 a 15 days with the use that I had been doing. This prediction turned out to be pretty pessimistic, because in fact it lasts well over.

In the second case reported, the person wanted the old model because only had interest in monitor sleep. But this is precisely one of the points where the MI Band 1S improved, because it uses the heart rate sensor to make a more precise monitoring of sleep. Sometimes I'm lying in bed watching TV and I understand that the green light comes on periodically frequency monitor. Certainly the MI Band 1S have you noticed that I'm moving a little and is using the heart rate monitor to check if I've slept. In other words, buy the previous model today is giving up a more precise monitoring because of only about $ 2,00 of Economics.

And in the first case reported, the battery will only last only 10 days if done too intense use of the cardiac frequency monitor and functions that make the MI Band 1S vibrate. Otherwise she must last much longer.

To give you an idea, I'm using the MI Band 1S 24/7, with notifications of calls and SMS messages, In addition to Whatsapp and Telegram through the Mi Band Tools. I am also leaving linked the function to use the heart rate monitor to help you monitor your sleep. This function comes off by default because it increases battery consumption, but I leave it on. With all that, only today, after 23 days since the last recharge, is the battery in the 10% and to MI Band 1S asked to be recharged.

MI Band 1S, with 10% After the load 23 days of continuous use

MI Band 1S, with 10% After the load 23 days of continuous use

If the function to use the heart rate monitor was disabled, I am sure that the battery would last even more than 30 days. My conclusion is that the battery of the MI Band 1S lasts as long as the previous model when new features are not being used.

Therefore, I don't see any reason to get the previous model. If you are interested in the heart monitor, you need the MI Band 1S, because the previous one has no such feature. If you want to monitor sleep, You must choose the MI Band 1S, because her monitoring is more accurate. Por fim, even if you don't have interest in these two functions at once, the current price difference between the previous model and the MI Band 1S is so small (about $ 2,00) I believe that it is not worth to want to save. Leaving such features disabled the battery will last as long as in the previous model, with the advantage that the resources will be there ready to be used in case you change your mind.

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I have a mi band 1s that the battery lasts 1 day. How to buy or change the battery?

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