Dossier OLD!Gamer: Super Nintendo

Who monitors the Skooter Blog have probably seen around the my OLD Dossier assessment!Gamer: Master System and you know that I got the OLD File Collection on pre-sale!Complete gamer.

But who wants to buy only the issue on a specific console can also buy individual volumes. Now in the month of March is the volume on the Super Nintendo (SNES), and you can already purchase it on pre-order at a discount.

Dossier OLD!Gamer: Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo represents the peak of Nintendo, in this fourth generation marked by the first gaming consoles 16 bits and the dispute between Sega and Nintendo. Are 551 games that were released for the console in your 10 years of life. The OLD File!Gamer: Super Nintendo brings the review of all these games, In addition to analysis of the fight to conquer the Nintendo generation 16 bits, the rescue of some Japanese market exclusives and the trajectory of Gradiente, that brought the Super Nintendo for Brazil.

As a fan of the Super Nintendo, and still having the same console for over 20 years, since my childhood, It is clear that the Dossier OLD!Gamer: Super Nintendo could not miss in my collection. How to obtain the OLD File Collection!Complete gamer, my book will soon be on the way. When you get do a review here, as I did with the Dossier OLD!Gamer: Master System.

Dossier OLD!Gamer: Super Nintendo

Dossier OLD!Gamer: Super Nintendo

Data sheet

Number of pages: 296
ISBN: 9788579603488
Format: 15 cm x 21,5 cm
Language: Português
Collection: Biblioteca OLD!Gamer


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