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Ghostbusters It was originally released by Activision in 1984 for Atari systems 800 and Commodore 64, building on the success of the film of the same name, I confess I didn't see until today. Was too small at the time of its release and must have lost all 452 reruns that have passed in the afternoon session and the like of the last 22 years.

Not even the cartoon (The Real Ghostbusters, or Ghostbusters no Brasil) I watched, because he spent at the globe and I couldn't stand the Xuxa. But “The Ghosts” (Ghostbusters the Filmation) that was enough and I did SBT excellent use (i guess) the lessons of morality that comes at the end of each episode :). Note, however, This cartoon is continuation of an older series and has no relationship with the movie or game.

After the original release for personal computers, the game was ported to numerous consoles, including Atari 2600, Nintendo, and Master System. Unfortunately, Ghostbusters from the Master System was not available in stores I frequented, so I just went to meet this game with the use of emulators and real hardware only with the Mega Everdrive.

But I remember having played some version, and I don't think I was Atari 2600, but of Nintendo. It wasn't a good version, Remember that we couldn't understand how it worked, We found the game very bad and soon ruled out. A Nintendo version won an episode on the Angry Video Game Nerd that shows how bad she is.

The version of Ghostbusters to Master System It was released in 1987 and it seems to be the best of all, with the best graphics and best adaptation of the theme song, even though it was released before the version of Nintendo, released only in 1988. The Nintendo version has an element in the gameplay that is the car fuel, but the graphics are worse and the music is not so well adapted. To close, the text that appears at the end of the game is full of errors. The Master System definitely got the better in this game.

But the fact of the Master System be the best does not necessarily imply that the game is good. I little played and the video that you will see at the end of this article was only my second match, still trying to figure out what I had to do. Might be more fun when you understand exactly everything there is to do, but I didn't have the patience to learn.

The theme song of Ghostbusters is complete in the game. In the opening screen you can hear it as we read the letter in the style Karaoke. Is a nice adaptation. Different from what happens in the Nintendo version, the theme song is not the only music of the game. There is a different song to the end and the Game Over, but it's just. Throughout the rest of the time the theme song ringing all the time, What can become annoying after a time of game.

Ghostbusters - Master System

Ghostbusters – Master System

At the beginning of the game we have a certain amount of money that should be used to buy a vehicle and some weapons and traps. On the main screen of the game appears a map where we sailed with the logo of Ghostbusters even the building where we dislodge it. One of the buildings there is the seat of the Ghostbusters (GHQ) and a store where you can buy more items.

The map of Ghostbusters - Master System

The map of Ghostbusters – Master System

Buying items in Ghostbusters - Master System

Buying items in Ghostbusters – Master System

When you click to go to a building appears a view from the top of the streets where we have to drive to get to the desired location, dodging drivers nuts that are changing lanes and capturing ghosts that appear along the way.

Driving on the streets of Ghostbusters - Master System

Driving on the streets of Ghostbusters – Master System

When we go to a building that is being attacked by ghosts, There is a view of the front of the building and control two Ghostbusters in an attempt to capture the ghosts. After capturing some ghosts it takes back to Headquarters to empty the traps. Capturing ghosts make money that can be used to buy other items.

Capturing ghosts on Ghostbusters - Master System

Capturing ghosts on Ghostbusters – Master System

There's a level of energy that will filling up as ghosts go attacking the city, When he fills in the color yellow, appears the Marshmallow Monster destroying buildings. If the fill level in red color the game ends.

At some point in the game it is possible to enter the building called Zull, where the Ghostbusters must climb a esada, facing a boss called Gozer and the game ends, but haven't gotten to that part. More details can be seen in this great FAQ.

The tips of the Tec Toy for Ghostbusters are very economical. Is a unique continuous form page, where a short storyline and some tips, They include two passwords to start with a great deal of money and facilitate the stake. There are also recommendations on two items that must be purchased. Por fim, There is a hint of how much back to Headquarters and about using the bait of ghosts.

Check out the scanned brochure:

Tec Toy Tips - Ghostbusters - Master System

Tec Toy Tips – Ghostbusters – Master System

And here's a transcript:

Plot : You must help the Ghostbusters and capture the ghosts that walk around the city. Good luck!
Tips :
Access code : (A) THE 117 346 87 23 – credit – 1.975.800, (U.S. dollar)
CAPTCHA code – 29.900, – (A) THE 66 224 132 87
Recommendations on purchases :
Ghost Bailt – 4000 – attracts ghosts
High capacit trap – 2500 – sucks 3 x + Ghosts
Return Q G. when :
– Your ion Bean is out of stock
– Your ghost traps are filled with – You have a single Hunter
You bought the Ghost bait ?
– When the little ghosts turn green, Press the button 2 to paralyze them, avoiding that they turn in the Marshmallow man.

To complete, the little video demonstrating the Ghostbusters, all the original hardware and no emulation, as costume:

The equipment used for this capture was:

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