Master Everdrive and Light Phaser Gun – Master System

Want to know how to use the Master Everdrive and to Pistola Light Phaser on the Master System no need to keep connecting/disconnecting joystick and pistol in order to navigate menus and play, respectively? Then continue reading this article.

Thanks to the Master Everdrive, Today I can play all the games that use the Pistola Light Phaser on the Master System, using the original hardware and without emulation. In my childhood I could only do that with two games: Gangster Town and Rambo III, because these were the only ones available in stores I frequented. I'm glad I could play them back and can also play other games at the time met only by catalogues and magazines.

But there was one drawback in this new form of play. To navigate in the menus Master Everdrive and select the game you must use a joystick. Therefore, first it was necessary to connect a joystick on the Master System to select the game and, then, disconnect it and connect the Pistola Light Phaser to be able to play. I facilitated this work with the use of a cable Extender, avoiding fatigue in the console connector, but he was still a bit of work.

Recently I was walking by SMS Power!, one of the best sites about Master System and I found a control patches section. In it there is patches for the ROMs of games that use the Pistola Light Phaser, so that the gun is connected to the input of the second controller, instead of the first. Ignored Gangster Town, that's two players, the two entries are reversed, so that when you play with only one player, This uses the control input 2.

Downloaded all the patches, applied in their ROMs, and now I can finally play the games that use the Pistola Light Phaser without having to be disconnecting/connecting the joystick and the gun. Just select the game with the joystick that is permanently connected to the first entry, and then play with the pistol that is permanently connected to the second entry. Disconnection only needs to be made to play with two players, but it is rare to happen, because even when I get someone to play, usually prefer to play in the Playstation 4.

The patches are available for the following games of Master System using the Pistola Light Phaser:

  • Assault City (Europe) (Light Phaser)
  • Gangster Town (USA, Europe)
  • Hang-On & Safari Hunt (USA)
  • Laser Ghost (Europe)
  • Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting & Safari Hunt (Europe)
  • Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting (USA)
  • Missile Defense 3-D (USA, Europe)
  • Operation Wolf (Europe)
  • Rambo III (USA, Europe)
  • Rescue Mission (USA, Europe)
  • Shooting Gallery (USA, Europe)
  • Wanted (USA, Europe)
Master System II, with joystick at the entrance 1 and Light Phaser Pistol in the lobby 2

Master System II, with joystick at the entrance 1 and Light Phaser Pistol in the lobby 2

Joystick and the Master System Light Phaser Gun II

Joystick and the Master System Light Phaser Gun II

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Ola Skooter! I also have a mini XRGB and I love the retro games. I'm now back to a CRT TV to play gun games and found your blog! What TV do you play these games? My idea is a sony TV Wega SD card (without progressive scan) and my switch connect a scart converter/encoder made by a good coach of Brazil, the Fernando da Nandogames. This converter converts the RGB component signal 240p for keeping 240p. AI would call this TV and the image would be very good. My only issue is with the ps1 and ps2 that the Guncon need the composite signal. I saw that you bought in the past an adapter SCPH 1160. you get the test? It passes even the RGB signal (sync on luma) by the adapter without problems?

Very cool tip, I'll do it on my everdrive too.


Hello, Skooter!alright? Where did you buy , this beautiful Master System control?


Friend, poderia ter disponibilizado um pack com as ROMS com patches aplicados. 😉

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