Framemeister Mini XRGB-Firmware 2.03

A Micomsoft released today version 2.03 do firmware from the Framemeister XRGB Mini. As already I mentioned in last article update, I've been enjoying watching the Micomsoft continues working to include new features in Framemeister XRGB Mini, What helps in the perception that the investment was worth it.

Unfortunately the list of changes from version 2.03 It is only in Japanese. Domino not the language, so the only way to get an idea of what are the changes with this automatic translation:

It includes changes such as OSD menu. Please, check the following contents before upgrading.
11 may 2016 fixed:
<CPU ver. 2.03>
■ improved color reproducibility in time of RGB input. ■ was to adjust the synchronization of the HDMI output. ■ Added “Video settings” from the main menu. Function in “Video settings” is effective only for composite video and S-video. ■ Added “video_format” in “Video settings”.  ”Video_format” is the ability to define the range of automatically recognize the type of video format. STD: NTSC and PAL (B / L / I / H) to identify the method. EXT: You can identify, In addition to the above NTSC443, PAL (M / N / 60) method. ※ Due to the nature of each format and video game consoles, the left and up and down the noise image on the screen and can be displayed. If these symptoms are worrisome, Please elaborate sorry to bother you, but using the “input horizontal position” and “vertical position of entry” or other work settings perform the screen adjustment. ■ Added “PEDESTAL_LV (pedestal level)” for the “video settings” inside.  ”PEDESTAL_LV” it is, for example, NTSC M (USA) and NTSC MJ as can be seen in the differences (as Japan), intended to change the level of black reference (not the gamma function).This feature is common, regardless of the format, as NTSC / PAL. OFF: to illuminate the dark part. For example, video content and equipment of Japanese specification (NTSC MJ), If you want to connect the TV is recommended OFF. However, because the dark areas brighter, There are times when the noise at the time of the conversion / (D) is visible on the screen. On: For example, USA content and video equipment specification, If you want to connect the tv to recommend ON. ■ Added “C_SHARP_LV” in “Video settings”. ”C_SHARP_LV” is the ability to adjust the converter changes the / D of the chrominance signal (color signal). When adjusting, You can show the color limit Sharp. ■ Added “MANUAL_Y_FILTER” in “Video settings”.  ”MANUAL_Y_FILTER” is the ability to select the Y signal filter bandwidth of the converter / D. Since it depends on the video equipment of signal ※, the image quality may vary depending on the equipment in the same environment. At1: is Automatic Filter (Broadband). AT2: is Automatic Filter (narrow band: standard). MANUAL: Use the following settings: “FILTER_LEVEL”.■ Added “_ level FILTER” to “video settings” inside.”FILTER_LEVEL” can be set when the definition of “MANUAL_Y_FILTER” above is defined as “MANUAL”. When handling the adjustment bar, You can adjust the width of the signal Y filter of the converter / D in the manual. Since it depends on the video signal equipment, the image quality may vary depending on the equipment in the same environment.

You can Download version 2.03 Micomsoft's site directly.

Framemeister XRGB Mini

Framemeister XRGB Mini

Update (16/05/2016): See the video I made new test firmware:

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Cafe Days

Fala Skooter. Finally got my Framemeister that I imported from Japan XRGB. I got on ebay for 1.200 via EMS from Japan. Não taxou e chegou muito rápido, 10 dias até a minha residência. Porém quando liguei aqui nos meus consoles deu aquela bronca do sistema de cor, pois os consoles em PAL-M ficaram Preto e Branco. Aí pensei que atualizando o firmware resolvesse, porém não estou conseguindo. Coloquei a pasta no cartão de memória e não sei como proceder. Será que podes me ajudar? O tutorial do site em japonês não entendo nada 🙁 Obrigado amigo!


Managed to solve the problem?

Cafe Days

Olá Skooter. I managed to update the Firmware for the 2.03 but the picture remains black and white consoles in PAL-M. Você fez alguma configuração no menu? Estou preocupado 🙁

Cosmic Effect


PAL-M no Framemeister há suporte somente para 480i. Eles não implementaram PAL-M por 240p. Eu e uma turma de financiadores do Cosmic Effect (um pequeno canal de YouTube que mantenho) fizeram diversas solicitações por e-mail para a Micomsoft, até que eles atenderam! But, somente 480i

Se tiverem interesse, dêem uma espiada neste episódio exclusivo para Patreons do meu canalno minuto 34 (por aí) há capturas 480i PAL-M funcionando perfeitamente direto de console real.

Abraço e espero ter ajudado!

Cafe Days

Ola Skooter,

Thank you very much for your attention.
The RGB cable Play 1 you got where?

Really have the option in “Video Set” -> “Video Format” and there you can choose between “Standard” (NTSC and PAL [B/L/I/H]) or “Ext” (PAL (M/N/60).
However my video games are still not getting, only quick and colorful on the screen glitches with the normal sound. All were NTSC but have been transcoded to PAL-M by former owner. Now I have to retranscodificar, in other words, go back to the original state in NTSC.
Ultimately… My saga continues. Look who is already a large and lengthy fight.
Antes do upscaler eu tinha comprado uma TV japonesa de baixa resolução mas que chegou quebrada do Japão 🙁
Hopefully with the upscaler I can finally play my old consoles, of course after doing the repairs that I cited above. There is time and money. ;(
Thanks friend!

Cafe Days

Yeah, I thought the same thing.
Unfortunately I already bought so consoles, the Free Market.
I'm withdrawing this transcoding and go back to original mode (NTSC).
Maybe that way working again in Framemeister.
Thanks again! Your blog is only guy.
Congratulations for the work.

Cafe Days

Thank you very much Skooter.
I ended up ordering (retrogammingcables) more about RGB cable to test with the transcoded audio consoles (Nintendo 64, Nintendinho and Ps One) que não pegam no vídeo composto. Quando chegar eu passo aqui para relatar minha experiência. Enquanto isto vou jogando meu Super Famicon com cabo RGB. A imagem é fenomenal. Uma pena que o GameCube (modelo americano) não tem saída nativa RGB e o cabo componente dele é uma facada. 🙁



Hello okay friend?,I have a framemeister for some time and I always try to get quality cables tb. The retrogamecables is the best option at the moment because the seller of these cables on ebay looks like does not sell any more of them unfortunately. Pro ps1 you nominate the luma sync . Excellent cable!

Alessandro Lamarte

From what I saw the update 2.03 brought improvements in RGB video output. you notice if the brightness is high? so I did the update and I called the snes for example in the same level of brightness went gray the corners of the screen and I had to lower the level to be in the same way as before.


Thank you very much for the tip friend. I actually thought I was with some error on my update. If I'm not mistaken, before was in Auto msm, However this new firmware must have adjusted something on video output. Set here and returned to normal tb. It's very cool to see the Framemeister becoming popular here in Brazil! Thank you friend!


You ever notice if even the megadrive 1 with superior audio and retrogamecables audio cables still with a buzz? I have the mega 1 JP and genesis and the tec toy III both are with this slight buzz on the audio. When increased considerably the sound I hear clearly that ringing. Or will my three consoles are jammed?


Hello okay friend?,I have a framemeister for some time and I always try to get quality cables tb. The retrogamecables is the best option at the moment because the seller of these cables on ebay looks like does not sell any more of them unfortunately. Pro ps1 you nominate the luma sync . Excellent cable!


Wave! I also have a Framemeister and it is complicated to set up. I am after pre settings- ready. I found this website that has several:

(down to the end with the link to lower them).

You have somewhere else to download other? all these are for 1080 p but wanted to test 720 p also to see how it looks.




Olá Skooter! I'm just looking for other settings because these Profiles do not fill the screen. Claro que não ligo para uma barra pequena mas algumas configurações deixam a tela muito pequena em troca do pixel Perfect.

Cafe Days

Someone there did the mod Nintendo RGB 64 (Ths7314) and it didn't work the plug in Framemeister? Eu sou um dos contemplados e não sei se foi erro do mod ou se o cabo que to usando não é o ideal (cabo com c-sync).

O cabo que tentei usar foi comprado na Retrogammingcables.
O modelo é esse:

Por isto encomendei outro cabo (sync-on-luma) para ver se é isto:

Se alguém passou por isto, pelo amor de deus me ajude 🙂


Hello coffee!

It is very rare for an n64 that has pin csync 3 the multiout. Only the cpu reviews-01, CPU-02 and some cpu-03. Você vai ter que usar o sync on luma mesmo. Veja a explicação aqui:

Inclusive recomendo este site. Has information from all consoles for extracting rgb! Very good indeed.


I follow this channel on youtube and there it does exactly what you're looking for. He leaves the image in the best possible way by framemeister and every console have a comfiguração specifies. Helped me a lot before and after purchasing it. In the videos he even shows the best cables to buy. The only thing I can't use that it always indicates and zoom mode. I believe it to be effective for those who have a small monitor in this mode. Even bought the Toro box of Dreamcast by just view these videos. And the image is perfect ….. Hope you can help


Cool. I'm going to watch some Episodes. Thanks for the tip!

[…] 6 days after releasing version 2.03 Framemeister XRGB Firmware Mini, the Micomsoft released now version […]

[…] worked fine for over a year, but one day I was testing a new Framemeister firmware and I realized the sound was coming out just on the right side. Like the other consoles […]


I bought the Framemeister and all my consoles are Brazilians, PAL-m, I tested the Sega Genesis tectoy, the super nintendo and the nintendo gradiente 64 gradient… all of them are with black and white image in standard setting and when I switch to EXT appear a lot of colorful glitchs… I've tried everything and nothing works… I am very upset because I think I lost my money….

obs: Super nintendo and nintendo 64 I am using s video cable, and the mega drive euro scart… can anyone help me?


Po galera, I'm having the same problem of black and white image…. Someone managed to figure this out? Abs

Andre Luis Souza da Silva


Andre Luis

opa… boy, estou como uma questão que talvez vc já tenha passadouso o Frame com um MSX Expert Plus da Gradiente, mas o sinal de videocolorque sai do frame só vem para a tv em preto e branco. Se ligo diretamente na tv via entrada AV, o sinal está lá colorido.

I do the same with an MSX ST and the signal remains colored. So the problem is only with the hardware of the gradient.

I think it would be something with color coding, but I could not move directly into the frame to this entry. You know what I do to get the color of the frame signal?

Andre Luis

Opa. This Expert uses mono or color output. both RCA – composite video. This model has no video or RGB component.

The framemeister not recognize Pal M Expert issues a mono signal and output it to the LED televisions.

I thought it will automatically recognize the standard Pal M.

When I connect directly Expert in LED TV it recognizes the time the standard PAL M and displays the color image.

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