May 18 2016

Framemeister Mini – Firmware 2.03 to XRGB

Only 6 days after release the version 2.03 the Firmware from the Framemeister XRGB Mini, the Micomsoft released now version 2.03 the.

By version number and the short range probably this is some bug fix. The automatic translation of changelist says:

Changes and the like of the OSD menu, including the last update. Please, check the following contents before upgrading.
17 May, fixes 2016:
<CPU View. The 2.03>
■ was provisionally corresponding to analog RGB signal from PC-8801mkII MR later.
The RGB input of the PC-8801 and FRAMEMEISTER, D-sub15 pin (in two steps) → FRAMEMEISTER connected via a direct cable, output resolution: 1920 * 1080, screen mode: When you x 1 smart to coincide with the time clock has been adjusted. ※ D-sub15 pin (in two steps) → Direct cable FRAMEMEISTER is available in the direct store it is.

You can Download the Firmware 2.03 to the Framemeister directly from the website of Mini XRGB Micomsoft.

Framemeister XRGB Mini with attached cables

Framemeister XRGB Mini with attached cables

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