Menu items and buttons missing text in Avidemux

Is with menu items and buttons missing text in Avidemux? This problem happens in version 2.6.12 the Avidemux and probably in earlier versions and possibly in subsequent, If developers do not fix. The deal is so:

Avidemux with missing text in menus and buttons

Avidemux with missing text in menus and buttons

After breaking your head just discovering it's a translation problem. By default the Avidemux uses the language of the system. The Portuguese of Brazil probably is all fucked up in the software and it presents some buttons and menus in English and other missing.

The solution I found is to simply change the language to English in the preferences. The menu item to enter the preferences box is one of those who do not appear, but he is the last of the Edit menu.

Entering the preferences box Avidemux

Entering the preferences box Avidemux

Entering the preference menu, just change the language to “English”:

Alterando a linguagem para "English" in Avidemux

Changing the language to “English” in Avidemux

Then you will need to close the program and open it again for the settings to take effect. And ready, Avidemux now will be with all menus and buttons with the correct texts, in the language of Shakespeare:

Avidemux with buttons and menus with the correct texts

Avidemux with buttons and menus with the correct texts

After solution, the little story…

If I could post solutions such as videos on Youtube, How many people have done, vocês seriam obrigados a ouvir a historinha antes da solução, mas aqui no Skooter Blog ela vem depois e é totalmente opcional. Se você só queria resolver o seu problema, pode parar por aqui e ir embora. 🙂

Vejo que você resolveu ficar. Great! Aproveite para dar uma olhada no restante de nosso conteúdo que pode lhe interessar. Se interessar, siga o Skooter Blog! 😀

Fui um usuário fiel do Virtualdub por muitos anos. Ele me ajudou a passar várias fitas VHS para DVDs, incluindo minhas formaturas, as duas copas que eu vi a seleção brasileira ganhar, os três mundias do São Paulo, além de shows e algumas programações de TV. O Virtualdub era ótimo para edições simples, by cutting out commercial breaks and etc., and possessed great filters to improve image. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have adapted so well to the era of high definition.

The Avidemux seems to be the current favorite free editor and I decided to test it, but I ended up running in the problem described in this article. I ended up calling for the Movie Maker for a quick task that wanted to do yesterday. But today I'm going to do it again with Avidemux just to compare the results.

The task was only pushing two videozinhos, without transitions or frills, one made with the Canon SX60 and another made with the Elgato. The result with the Movie Maker was this the video below. If it works with Avidemux I post the result later.

Update (21/06/2016): Video remade with Avidemux. Great advantage of not needing recompression, He only joined the two videos in a single container. Then I could pass the full video by the Handbrake to compact it with much more control than we would have with the Movie Maker and with the own Avidemux.

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