Brazilian championship-buck 2016

I've collected several albums of figures in my childhood and adolescence. The most memorable were those of the late chocolate surprise, of Nestlé. Sent four packages of chocolate by mail and they sent a free album. Each chocolate came with a card.

Should I still have all my Surprise albums stored somewhere: Animals from all over the world, Wetland animals, Wonders of the Sea, Animals of the Amazon, The Fantastic Mata Atlantica, Coastal and Oceanic Islands. These were the albums of 1983 a 1988. After that I think I gave a break in collections, do you remember the other albums. I ended up coming back with the dogs in 1992. I think that was my last. Or maybe it was the dinosaurs, don't really remember…

At first the cards came with information on the back, the same gifts on the album, so that even those who collected could read some facts there. The chocolate bar was coming with a molded relief design, the same animal that was on the card. Isso foi nos tempos em que o chocolate vinha embalado em papel alumínio e com outro papel por fora e tanto chocolate quanto figurinha ficavam bem protegidos. Nos últimos tempos a Nestlé relaxou e passou a enviar a figurinha junto ao chocolate, dentro da embalagem plástica, de modo que era comum a gordura do chocolate passar para a figurinha. E algum tempo depois o Surpresa acabou de vez. 🙁

Também colecionei álbuns de figurinha de futebol. Não lembro exatamente quais, mas foram álbuns do Campeonatos Brasileiros do início dos anos 90, da Copa do Mundo de 1994 e também tive o álbum do São Paulo da série Grandes Clubes Brasileiros.

Colecionei tanto álbuns de figurinhas decentes que eram vendidos nas bancas, as for those from the bar that were probably illegal and had a horrible impression, poorly cut figurines, packages with variable amounts of stickers, and sometimes even empty.

With official albums, I remember finding a gift certificate on one occasion. Brazilian Championship of 1993 or 1994. I won a soccer ball. My first and only capotão ball, which I still have today because I only played ball in the street, where eventually they ended up stuck in some barbed wire fence or gate jib, so at most we used some thicker rubber baby teeth, and many times it was some plastic ball so bum that the beak was heavy and it did some fuzzy effects that made the match a real challenge. Aqueles pernas de pau da Copa de 2010 reclamavam da Jabulani não viram nada 🙂

Nos álbuns de boteco acho que nunca ganhei nada. Ou pelo menos nada memorável, talvez um vale outro pacote de figurinhas. Eram um tanto chatos porque eram impossíveis de completar. Teoricamente era preciso completar uma página ou parte de uma página para banhar um brinde. O maior brinde geralmente era uma TV preto-e-branco. Na prática sempre havia uma figurinha no grupo que não existia. O pessoal mais antigo chamava aquela figurinha dechave”, e ela realmente existia em quantidades bem pequenas, em quantidade inversamente proporcional ao valor do prêmio. Mas no meu tempo já haviam abolido a chave em favor dos vale-brindes. Those who thought the gift certificate could change it whenever they needed the album or the other stickers on the page. In this way the missing stickers were non-existent or even if they were found they would be exchanged for the prize, in other words, the album was always incomplete.

The Brazilian Championship Sticker Album 2016 by Panini

Unlike promotional and pub albums, that were given for free. Official championship albums were generally sold at newsstands. But this year Panini promotionally distributed some albums and stickers for free. All you had to do was fill out a form on the website and wait for the album and stickers to arrive by post office. I signed up and some time later I received mine., along with 48 figurines. Check out the photo and video below:

Brazilian championship-buck 2016

Brazilian championship-buck 2016

I found it cool, there are all clubs from the A and B Series of the Brazilian Championship. In my time it was just series A. If I'm not mistaken, the stickers were also not self-adhesive at that time, needed glue and the pages were all bunched up. Now you can paste much more easily. But I don't think it will be this time that I'll go back to collecting stickers. It's even a nice hobby, but costly. In times of crisis and spending cuts, It gets hard… 🙁

For those who are going to collect, there is a hardcover version of the album that are worth it.. It can be purchased at the following stores (click on the links to buy):

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