Sega Mega Drive compact won't launch with 80 games

In the last days, several sites of games and technology, including IGN, Tecmundo, and Gamevicio announced that Sega would launch a Mega Drive with 80 Games in memory and cartridge input. The source of the news? Apparently this online shop of the United Kingdom to put the product on pre-order.

If these guys had done a little research before you give the news would have seen that This compact Mega Drive is already on sale at Amazon for a long time, with a very similar, only without mention of the 25th anniversary of Sonic.

The product concerned is only a Chinese clone of Sega Mega Drive, which runs Mega Drive games for emulation with dubious quality, not unlike the recent Mega Drive from Tec Toy, They also are no longer the original hardware. The differential is the entry of cartridge, absent on the islands of the Tec Toy, that lets you play other games besides the 80 included in memory.

Another advantage seems to be the two joystick, that allow you to use the original Mega Drive joystick, that certainly are better than these clones that use infrared wireless accompanying the console.

For those who hoped this was an answer from Sega to announcement of the launch of a Nintendo classic NES, Fortunately it's not. Because the Sega Genesis deserves a better tribute than a console emulator. Moreover, the NES itself also deserved something better than a console emulator, without entry of cartridges. But at least the NES have HDMI output.

Ultimately, for those interested, the product is now available at Amazon, and they send to Brazil, so there's no need to be waiting for the release of the British store. I prefer to continue with my original Mega Drive and I keep recommending the combo Mega Drive + Mega Everdrive + SCART RGB cable + Framemeister for those who want to play Mega Drive with the best possible quality in modern TVs.

Mega Drive Classic Game Console - The supposed release of Sega which is actually just a Chinese clone

Mega Drive Classic Game Console – The supposed release of Sega which is actually just a Chinese clone

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