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AliExpress: 6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

These 6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID They were acquired in AliExpress, shop Shenzhen Lanhong technology company, for only $ 1,75 and more $ 1,05 de frete. The price has dropped and is at $ 1,67 at the time of writing this article.

NFC, from Near Field Communication, is a technology that enables the exchange of information between devices without the need for wires. Most of the mobile phones with Android system are compatible with NFC technology, and can read and write NFC Tags.

With NFC Tags You can automate tasks on mobile. Some people use some beside the bed to configure alarms and silent mode quickly before sleep. Some people use NFC Tags to turn on/off WiFi when arriving/leaving home. Ultimately, the possibilities are many.

I got the NFC Tags to automate a single task: play music when I am driving. I leave my Bluetooth Moto X Play connected constantly because of the Mi Band. In this way, Whenever I turn on the car the Moto X Play connects to the auto sound system. But not always the music automatically starts, Sometimes she starts, Sometimes I don't. I don't know why I.

When she does not start, Sometimes you just press the button to switch the source three times in the car, passing by tuner, the auxiliary input and returning to Bluetooth. I think, to change the source for Bluetooth, the system sends a command to the cell reproduction. But sometimes even this works. And this is where NFC Tag.

Through the application Trigger, I recorded a label to be touched, activates an application task Tasker, that makes the application Shuttle start to play music from my collection in random order. You could solve everything with the Trigger without needing Tasker? Yes, but only with the Trigger Pro which costs R$ 7,59, because the trigger to play media is only available in paid version. As I already had the Tasker, I decided to stay with the free version of Trigger, that is enough to trigger that fires a task of Tasker. Who does not have the Tasker may prefer the Trigger Pro, as the Tasker has similar price, paid R$ 8,99 for him in February.

I glued the label in the car and now, If the music playback does not start automatically, just pull the Moto X Play in NFC Tag the music playback starts.

Note that I've tried other solutions before, How to activate the Tasker task when the Moto X Play connects to Bluetooth car, but I found a number of problems with this, as the phone starting playback before the Bluetooth connection to be completed as a matter of fact, making the music come out cell phone speaker, as if I were a funkeiro. I added a timer in the recipe to ease this problem, but there was still another, It was the music playback start even when I was using another audio source, like tuner, and then the phone is playing no sound just spending the battery nothing. A NFC Tag It was the only final solution.

Also note that in Android without root mode, as is the case of my, the phone is unlocked so that the label is read. It's a safety issue. But for me this is not a big problem, as I unlock the Moto X Play with Mi Band, so that just by sliding your finger, without passwords or patterns.

Before the label, start the music demanded not only unlock the phone, but also open the Shuttle and start playback, or at least push the play button on a Widget. It's not a time-consuming task, but you can't make her driving, without looking at the phone, taking the attention of street/road which is where she should be. With the aid of NFC Tag simply tap the cell phone etiquette, what you can do without looking and without changing the focus of attention.

I haven't found a use for the other 5 NFC Tags, but opted for the six-pack to take advantage of the freight and to have more tags available for the case of finding another job for them.

Por fim, a tip for those who want to paste the sticker on the dashboard: If you pass custom silicone in Panel, know that the tag won't stick. Remove the silicone before pasting the NFC Tag. For this I used a cotton with petrol, I removed the silicone easily.

Check out some pictures of the NFC Tag:

Bundled with 6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

Bundled with 6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID

NFC tag next to the Bike X Play

NFC tag next to the Bike X Play

NFC label in the car

NFC label in the car

Also check out a video of a NFC Tag operation:

And the purchase summary table:


Product Name: 6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID
Name Original: 6PCs/Lot,NTAG213, NFC tags/RFID adhesive label/sticker,compatible with all nfc products day 30 mm
Store: AliExpress | Store: Shenzhen Lanhong technology company
Value: US$ 1,75
Current value: US$ 1,67
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus
Shipping Fee: US$ 1,05
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 31/05/2016
Submission Date: 05/06/2016
Data Delivery: 04/07/2016
Time in Transit: 29 days
Declared content: Access Control Card
Type Marked Content:
Declared Value: US$ 1
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

And I'm ending here the article on 6 Tags / Tags NFC / RFID, with a positive recommendation for the product and for the store Shenzhen Lanhong technology company. Share this article with your friends if you liked ;). If you also want to shop in AliExpress, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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“… making the music come out cell phone speaker, as if I were a funkeiro” lol.
BTW, cool.


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