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Always on screen with the Pokemon Go (Android)

Who's playing Pokemon Go with Android phones already may have noticed that the application does not keep the screen turned on all the time. Depending on the settings of the phone, It only takes a few seconds without interaction so that the screen turns off, What is a nuisance in an application of this type.

Other applications, as the Waze, keep the screen on all the time when they are running in the foreground. The Pokemon Go should have at least an option to keep the screen turned on, but that's not the case.

How to get around this problem? Some solutions involve changing mobile settings or use applications that alter these settings, but most of them require a fit before play and another to stop playing, What is also uncomfortable and also leads to missed items.

I have also seen some applications that keep the screen turned on depending on the application being used, but charge for this functionality or are full of advertisements.

The ideal solution I found with the application Keep Screen On, that doesn't seem to be very well known. Has only between 1.000 and 5.000 facilities at the moment I write this article. The application is very simple and allows you to choose which applications should keep always on screen when running in foreground. The Pokemon Go even comes as a suggestion.

In my tests, the Keep Screen On worked perfectly, keeping the screen always on while the Pokemon Go is running. Just close the Pokemon Go or take him out of the foreground that the screen back to normal behavior, Turning off after a few seconds. Furthermore, It's free and has no advertising.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Keep Screen On

Keep Screen On

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