Firmware v 0.1.7 c for SD2SNES

Was released today 0.1.7 version c firmware from the SD2SNES, the Super Nintendo cartridge that allows you to play almost all games from an SD card.

See the news:

  • Great review of the code to hook into the game, with more help of FPGA, to significantly reduce CPU usage. This improves compatibility of the hook with a variety of games.
  • hook inside the game: avoids the interruption of manual readings of the controllers (corrects controls in Super Star Wars games)
  • new option: “Hide file extensions” (into force after the next change of directory)
  • do not silently fail to load saved games when the folder sd2snes/saves does not exist (creates the folder instead)
  • do not silently fail to load / save files to sd2snes if the folder/tricks cheats does not exist (creates the folder instead)
  • Cx4 core now runs on exactly 20 Mhz
  • fixes:
    • MSU1: prevents changes in the status of the register of lost control in rewritten fast (fixes missing audio in FF3 Dancing Mad, Zelda FMV)
    • Corrects timing of automatic region patch (We hope)
    • corrects header detection DSP1 (corrects 3D Ballz JPN)
    • Add reset hook to start matches only at the beginning of the frame (corrects Boogerman PAL)
    • Clears all the RAM SPC700 (spares no IPL area) – fixes echo artifacts in many games
  • small cosmetic changes:
    • resizes the window of loading the SPC player
    • prevents the letters keep blinking on system information screen

A table of compatibility with the hook inside the game will be updated soon.

Download the Firmware v 0.1.7 c for SD2SNES by clicking here.

To meet the SD2SNES, click here.

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