The new Mega Drive from Tec Toy for 2017: Reasons to buy or not to buy

The Tec Toy has just announced the pre-order a new Mega Drive, to be released in June 2017. The console brings back the classic design, with the original three-button joystick, and backward compatibility with original cartridges.

Furthermore, the new Mega Drive have SD card input, and will come with the 22 Games below, properly licensed:

  1. Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
  2. Alien Storm
  3. Altered Beast
  4. Arrow Flash
  5. Bonanza Brothers
  6. Columns
  7. Decap Attack
  8. E-Swat
  9. Fatal Labyrinth
  10. Flicky
  11. Gain Ground
  12. Golden Axe
  13. Golden Axe 3
  14. Jewel Master
  15. Kid Chameleon
  16. Last Battle
  17. Out Runners
  18. Sega Soccer
  19. Shadow Dancer
  20. Shinobi 3
  21. Sonic 3
  22. Turbo Outrun

According to information from Tec Toy FAQ, the new Mega Drive will not only emulate the original hardware as all other models released in recent years. Instead it uses a single chip that integrates the original components. Will not use the original components themselves because the main of them are no longer manufactured.

Other games can be added on the SD card, but the compatibility is not guaranteed, Once the components are not the originals. The same applies to original cartridges. The Tec Toy still not set if will relaunch cartridges, but I said that is complicated because of the licenses that would need to be renegotiated.

The new Mega Drive have only composite video and stereo audio. No HDMI to modern TVs. The source apparently is internal.

The cost? Presale is R$ 399,00 in up 9 R$ times 44,33, or R $ 379,05 on view at the fetlock. After the release the price must increase to R$ 450,00. I found it rather odd to Tec Toy have announced a pre-order so early, giving an impression of crowd funding.

But it's good to see that the numerous requests from fans of the Mega Drive were met, including my, that in 2008 escrevi um artigo criticando o Mega Drive sanduicheira e fazendo o pedido para que a Tec Toy relançasse o Mega Drive com design clássico, joystick original e entrada de cartuchos. 8 anos depois eles me atenderam! 🙂

Motivos para Comprar o Novo Mega Drive da Tec Toy

Yes, você já sabia do novo Mega Drive pelos muitos sites de notícias. Mas eles se limitaram a dar a notícia. Aqui no Skooter Blog vou te dar alguns bons motivos para comprar o novo Mega Drive e outros bons motivos para não comprar. Vamos começar pelos motivos para comprar:

  1. Dificilmente alguma empresa conseguirá fazer um Mega Drive mais fiel ao original que esse. Como os chips originais não são mais fabricados, the solution of an integrated making the same functions seems to be the only economically viable.
  2. Is not emulation and a solution is quite Plug-n-play. Emulators require settings and eventually will no longer work with new operating systems and hardware upgrades. The new Mega Drive always work the same way, While it lasts. As there is no mechanical components, probably will last as much as the classic console, and I got two classics with more than 20 years and in full operation.
  3. If you still have original cartridges or would like to come back to collect them, the new Mega Drive will allow you to play them.
  4. Separate licenses, the SD card entry will allow you to play all the games from the Mega Drive, except for those who are possibly incompatible. The original console this is only possible with the help of a special cartridge, like Mega Everdrive, which costs more expensive than the new Mega Drive from Tec Toy in their more advanced version (US$ 166,00), Although the simple version can be purchased for $ 49,00.
  5. It's the only console that will be available on the market that does all of this above and still have the same original console design, that gives that classic touch in any environment.

Reasons not to buy the new Mega Drive from Tec Toy

The reasons to not buy the new Mega Drive which I'll present here all revolve around a workaround. And is a solution with several components, not all required, but several that require import.

First, If you're satisfied with emulation, This workaround is not for you, as well as the new Mega Drive from Tec Toy also is not. You can continue playing in the emulator, without any additional charge.

If you think the investment of r $380 ~ 450 in new console from Tec Toy is too high, This workaround is also not for you. The cost of it varies, but in General is higher than the price of the new Mega Drive.

If you're not willing to search pretty, shopping abroad, wait weeks for delivery, or run the risk of paying taxes, This workaround is also not for you.

But if you are willing to invest and wants a solution better than the Tec Toy, then you should continue reading.

The Mega Drive Console classic Alternatively

My Sega Genesis classic

My Sega Genesis classic

Who's got a Mega Drive Classic definitely doesn't need new Mega Drive from Tec Toy. I kept the Mega Drive III Tec Toy I had in my childhood, and even re-acquire a Sega Genesis (the Mega Drive US) like the one I had in my childhood, extremely well maintained. Both use the original hardware.

Unfortunately the price of a Mega Drive well maintained today exceed $380 ~ 450 charged by Tec Toy in new model. Giving up the original box and accessories you can buy for less. My Sega Genesis complete cost $ 129,99 (approximately R $ 415 in direct conversion), but I believe that was a find. And bring him to Brazil still had the freight cost. Fortunately escaped taxes.

Sega Genesis, operation

Sega Genesis, operation

If you buy a Mega Drive used to also be aware that not all Mega Drive is equal and that there are considerable differences in the sound of some models. The Tec Toy models, It is better to opt for the first model (Mega Drive/Genesis and Sega Mega Drive II) instead of the second (Mega Drive III).

And what are the advantages of having a Mega Drive Classic compared to the Tec Toy? We will list:

  1. Original hardware. It's not u integrated chip. Then you will have the best graphics and sound that a Mega Drive can offer, without risk of incompatibilities.
  2. RGB Output. Many people do not know, but the original Mega Drive provides natively video output in separate components (blue, red, green, synchronization), What does an image quite superior to composite video, that is the only available on the new Mega Drive. Is technically superior to the component video. With the use of a good SCART RGB cable and a good upscaler like Framemeister, You can use the RGB output to get the picture with HDMI quality missing in the new Mega Drive, in 1080 p with excellent sharpness. Of course, it will be necessary to invest much more than the $380 ~ 450 of the new Mega Drive, because these devices are not cheap. But if someone tells you that the Mega Drive doesn't would benefit from a better output than composite video, show this video to it and ask them to do the same with composite video. Composite video was tolerable in tube TVs, of up to 20 inches. In high-definition TVs it is pretty poor and the Mega Drive was already capable of so much more than that since the ' 80 ~ 90.
  3. Compatibility with Sega Master System games. The new Mega Drive apparently will not be compatible with the Sega Master System. The Mega Drive has a Z80 processor of classic Sega Master System as co-processor and, therefore, can you run your games natively, No Emulation. It is necessary the original Master System games, or any of the modern models developed by third parties, like My PowerBase Mini FM, you have until the FM chip of the Master System that only existed in the Japanese Sega Master System, or the Mega Everdrive.
  4. Compatibility with Sega CD, 32X and all original accessories. As the FAQ of the Tec Toy, the new Mega Drive will not be compatible with various accessories, as the Game Genie, Sega CD, Power Base Converter, 32x Meganet, Activator, and Mega Mouse. With a Mega Drive Classic you have compatibility with all.

Someone could say: “Ah, but the new Master System from Tec Toy will accept games on SD card, I can play anything. With the Mega Drive Classic I only play what you have in cartridge”. And that's where the Mega Everdrive. With it you can play all games from Sega Mega Drive (except Virtua Racing) also from an SD card on the Mega Drive Classic. And you can still play all games from Sega Master System (except those that require 3D glasses) without adapter. And to top it off, You can save and load games like in an emulator.

Final Considerations

If you are here, must already have deduced that I'm not going to buy the new Mega Drive from Tec Toy. I know I asked this for 8 years. But from then on I just ended up finding a better solution. And this is the solution you should adopt? Will depend on your willingness to dig some used equipment and how much you are willing to spend.

I didn't get in this solution overnight. I started with the composite video cable to the Mega Drive III (He just came up with RF and it was like I played in my childhood), After I bought the Mega Everdrive, I bought a SCART cable for my Mega Drive III, I bought a upscaler low-cost Chinese, I bought the Sega Genesis, I bought the more top SCART cable for the Sega Genesis, I bought the Framemeister, bought joysticks bums, joysticks good, Extenders, etc. The expense accumulated over the years certainly surpassed the cost of the new Mega Drive from Tec Toy.

Framemeister: Why play Mega Drive in 1080 p with sharpening is possible

Framemeister: Why play Mega Drive in 1080 p with sharpening is possible

If I didn't have any of that today would buy the new Mega Drive from Tec Toy? Maybe. But it's probably not going to be satisfied just with him and soon start panning another solution again.

Share with your friends if you liked. Many sites gave the news, but only the Skooter Blog gave you reasons to buy or not to buy the new Mega Drive from Tec Toy.

And you? Will buy the new Mega Drive from Tec Toy? Leave your comment.

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Thanks for the idea, I was in the mood to buy the new, because I have several games on ROMs in emulator. But your idea is very good too. Thanks for your help


The result of the framemeisteir is really impressive. Pretty much same, congratulations.

Sergio Copetti

Good afternoon, Skooter. I have a Japanese mega drive, and I would turn it to a tube tv, 29 inches by component video. What would be the best way to do this and where to find the necessary cables? Hug and thanks.

Sergio Copetti

Thanks for the reply. Really gets bad buy 4 items just for that, so you'd know tell me if this full cable usually appear the disposition? Thanks again.


Face, with a PC with a video label off half-assed and a dual core processor you creates a very good front end!!! Squeegee from the Farchild until the Wii. With a TV tube 29 inch linked by a super video cable the PC label I created here a dream that took five years to complete!!! I chose the Xbox control 360, because that's what pleased me most and I adapted two of controls 6 megão buttons, original!!! Mega game, master, SNES, Atari and etc with the controls of the mega and the newest, from Nintendo 64 with the controls of the Xbox 360. I have all, ALL the Roms translated in Brazil for most ancient Islands!!! Face, taking a game or another of Arcade, as Tekken 3, It does not run the sound the 1000 wonders, the rest is show ball!!! I'm very happy and satisfied!!! I believe that spending money on video games old and the technology that we have in pcs, It's a little absurd, I do not know! The nostalgia of having a device and tapes is yummy and such, but it is important to remember the cost of maintenance and space required to store… Read more "

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