nov 21 2016

Second Google Chromecast 2

In this article I talk about my second acquisition Google second-generation Chromecast, also known as Google Chromecast 2.

I have talked about the first Google Chromecast 2 aqui no Skooter Blog, and strongly recommend the Reading that article before proceeding, because I am not going to repeat the product review.


The first Google Chromecast 2 It was connected to the Smart TV Panasonic Viera TC-40 "-40DS600B of my Office. As I enjoyed the Chromecast 2, I decided to buy another one for my living room TV.

The TV room is a Sony Bravia of 2012, She is a Smart TV. She has Netflix, but I prefer to use the Netflix application of Playstation 4, which is faster and has a better interface.

In the rest, the Sony Smart TV leaves something to be desired. No Youtube, anything from Spotify, no mirror screen (It even has something along those lines, but I could never make it work), and for the videos NAS (via DLNA) She does not support subtitles or even audio selection.

As an alternative to these applications and videos I wore the Zotac ZBOX ID83, running Windows 10 and Kodi, solution that works great, but it's not as practical as the Chromecast 2 in some cases, because at least requires taking the keyboard in the drawer and hope the system start/resume.


Unfortunately I couldn't go back to France and buy another Google Chromecast 2 in a Fnac, and for only 40 Euros again. Without any scheduled trip, I decided to buy in Brazil even.

After searching, I ended up buying the seller SUPER BEST of the free market, the smallest value that I found. But after the experience I do not recommend this seller in any way, and already I explain the reason.

In the ad, the seller advertises the product as sealed, as can be seen at the end of the excerpt from the announcement that captured and show below:

Chromecast announcement 2 the Super Best, where they claim that the product is sealed

Chromecast announcement 2 the Super Best, where they claim that the product is sealed

Furthermore, in the section of questions the seller reported that the source was in European standard, in other words, should be equal to the My Chromecast of France, compatible with the Brazilian standard.

And to show that 180.000 sales, and 99% positive qualifications do not mean much, the reality turned out to be quite different from the promised.


When the product arrived, I noticed the lack of receipt, what was expected, because the price (R$ 149,89) It was similar to the Chromecast of France, and we know that when you include taxes Brazilians everything passes the cost at least double the price charged in civilization.

Chromecast 2, on its packaging

Chromecast 2, on its packaging

Chromecast 2, on its packaging

Chromecast 2, on its packaging

Observing the product box, I noticed just a shameless lacrezinho, written “Security Seal”, that in no way resembles the original seal, as the Chromecast of France. Furthermore, watching carefully you can see what's left of the original seal.

Chromecast 2, in its packaging with lacrezinho fake scoundrel

Chromecast 2, in its packaging with lacrezinho fake scoundrel

Despite the packaging be sealed, the serial number of the product matches the packing. It is possible that the product has been opened for testing only, what might be acceptable, assuming the seller want to avoid returns, or who tested the product supplier (Paraguay?) so you don't have to go back to Exchange in case of default. But then you can't sell the product as sealed. Doesn't strike me as something honest to do.

Chromecast packing 2

Chromecast packing 2

Opening the box another lie of the seller was revealed: the source was not in European standard, but in the American standard. Doesn't make me that much of a difference because I'm not using the font, but it's not nice to lie that way.

Chromecast 2 and accessories, American standard source

Chromecast 2 and accessories, American standard source

Chromecast 2 and accessories, American standard source

Chromecast 2 and accessories, American standard source

Chromecast 2 and accessories, American standard source

Chromecast 2 and accessories, American standard source

It's worth mentioning that I contacted the seller about these issues and said that I could return the product if he didn't answer. As I have not noticed any problem with the product, I decided to avoid the inconvenience of the return and refund and be with him anyway, but I can only report what happened.

Also check out the video of the unboxing and the comparison with the Chromecast of France:


My Receiver Yamaha RX-A830 has eight HDMI ports, but the seven rear doors were all occupied by the following equipment:

  1. Blu-ray Player
  2. Playstation 4
  3. Playstation 3
  4. WD TV Live
  5. Zotac ZBOX ID83
  6. Framemeister XRGB Mini
  7. Sky Decoder SHR23

As I didn't want to be using the front entrance permanently, I chose to install the Google Chromecast 2 in one of the HDMI inputs on TV, and let the sound of it go to Yamaha RX-A830 from ARC (Audio Return Channel) do HDMI. I connected the Chromecast 2 in one of the two USB ports on the TV, eliminating the source.

But there is a drawback in this solution, as the Sony Bravia does not accept DTS sound, only PCM and Dolby Digital sound is sent from Chromecast 2 for the Yamaha RX-A830.

Because of this, I chose to pass other equipment to the TV input and pass the Chromecast 2 for an entry in the Yamaha RX-A830. It had to be an equipment that do not use DTS sound. Of the seven, are two of them that don't use DTS: Framemeister XRGB Mini and Sky Decoder SHR23, these being, therefore, the candidates.

I ended up opting to put the Framemeister XRGB Mini the HDMI input of the TV and the Google Chromecast 2 on the Yamaha RX-A830. As or Yamaha RX-A830 has a rear USB port, the power supply of the Chromecast 2 began to be made for him.

It is interesting to note that the USB port on the Yamaha RX-A830 is fed constantly, even if the receiver is switched off. With this the Chromecast 2 connected all the time. I don't know if energy consumption is significant, but there's a beneficial side effect of this: the Chromecast is available even with TV and receiver off and, to send a video to it, both are linked automatically and playback starts.

Final Considerations

I was quite pleased with the Chromecast 2 in the living room TV, increasing the level of Smart work, facilitating play cell phone videos to the TV and dismissing the Zotac ZBOX ID83 in the simplest tasks like just playing a Youtube video or put songs from Spotify to play.

It should be remembered that the Yamaha RX-A830 is compatible with Spotify, but it only works for subscribers. How do I use the free version (I couldn't find much advantage in paid version), I cannot use such functionality, What does not happen with Chromecast 2, It is only with the limitations that the Spotify already has cell phone.

Until my wife, you don't usually share my enthusiasm for technology, like a lot of Chromecast 2 and have used it frequently to view Youtube videos.

The Chromecast 2 It is also useful to visitors, Since it is common to someone say something about some interesting video and, If someone does not see, He quickly goes to the big screen for all to see or review, instead of taking turns on the cell or trying to see something on the screen by an inappropriate angle.

For example, that video of Maria do Rosário meddling in the middle of an interview of Jair Bolsonaro TV network to call him a rapist, shown via Chromecast 2, makes it clear that Congressman just replied in the same level at which it was attacked. Isto acaba com qualquer discussão sobre o tema e possivelmente ainda garante mais alguns votos para ele em 2018. 🙂

My recommendation for Chromecast 2 continua positiva. Certamente é uma ótima aquisição para quem não tem uma Smart TV, e até para quem tem uma Smart TV, mas que não tem o aplicativo do Youtube ou outros de interesse, como era o caso da minha.

If you want to acquire a Chromecast in Brazil, Click here to see the best deals. You can also find it on eBay, foreign direct.

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