Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX and the second season

No give 12/12/2016 came my Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX! Is the fifth volume of the collection File OLD!Gamer. Who monitors the Skooter Blog have probably seen around my evaluation of the first four volumes:

  1. Dossier OLD!Gamer: Master System
  2. Dossier OLD!Gamer: Super Nintendo
  3. Dossier OLD!Gamer: Playstation
  4. Dossier OLD!Gamer: Mega Drive

With the success of the first dossier, about the Master System, the Publisher Europe decided to launch the OLD File Collection!Complete gamer, with books on the Super Nintendo, the PlayStation, the Mega Drive, the MSX, the Atari 2600 and Nintendo (8 bits). It as I commented here in Skooter Blog, I got this collection on pre-sale and I am getting the volumes as they are released.

Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX

Two 7 volumes of OLD File Collection!Gamer, five consoles I had (and I have!). They are: Master System, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Mega Drive, and Atari 2600.

The Nintendinho of 8 bit I never had, but several colleagues had. Top Game, Dynavision II and Chinese clones that arrived via Paraguay. So I could play it in my childhood.

But the MSX was a computer with which I never had contact. I didn't have a, I didn't know anyone who had a. My first contact with computers (the Think About It of Tec Toy not account) was in 1994, year when I went to a prep school of MS-DOS, WordStar, Lotus 123 and D-Base. That year I also won a PC 286, with HD 40 MB, 1 MB of RAM, CGA monitor white phosphorus and MS-DOS 5.0.

Not even in emulators I had contact with the MSX, so for me the Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX certainly was the least expected of the collection. But still, When the book arrived I started reading your story and managed to arrest me.

I just finished reading all the almost 60 pages of the first section to learn more about the history, the MSX hardware and accessories. I was willing to go back in time in order to enjoy the MSX as I enjoyed the classic consoles and the first PCs. In the second part we have 496 games, including several well-known to other platforms. Each page shows 1 a 4 games, Depending on the emphasis that they received in the collection.

The team of Europe and Editor MSX, their manufacturers and developers, certainly has the merits for they can make me interested even by the dossier about a system that was not part of my story, but that too is as interesting as those who.

Check out the pictures and video I made to demonstrate the Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX:

Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX

Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX

Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX

Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX

Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX

Dossier OLD!Gamer: MSX

Second Season

The Publisher Europe already announced and started pre-sale of a second season of OLD File Collection!Gamer. In this new season will be referred to the following systems:

  • Sega Saturn (May/2017)
  • Nintendo 64 (July/2017)
  • Neo Geo (September/2017)
  • 3The (November/2017)
  • Game Boy and Game Boy Color (January/2018)
  • Arcade Part 1 (March/2018)


To purchase the books of OLD File Collection!Gamer Click on the links below:

Final Considerations

With the fifth volume in hands, I can say that I am quite satisfied with the acquisition of this collection. I look forward to the next volume: Atari 2600. My first video game!

As the second season, I'm still in doubt as to the acquisition, as Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Neo Geo, 3Are consoles that I had. I was playing on PCs while they were successful in years 90.

I also had no portable. I was of the mini-games a game only, with sprites in fixed position, straight to the Dingoo A-320. As for the arcades, I've never been a big frequenter, but I am interested because often they have the best versions of games that I enjoyed in the Atari 2600, on the Master System, on the Mega Drive, and no Super Nintendo.

And you? Already acquired or will acquire the second season? Leave your comment.

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I was also in doubt to acquire new leads. But like the previous editions were great, decided to buy.

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