0.1.7 firmware and SD2SNES

sleeping, criador do SD2SNES, acaba de lançar a versão 0.1.7e de seu firmware.

Confira as novidades (English):

  • Fixed a long standing critical DAC timing quirk causing audio distortion with MSU1 on any revision except Rev.G
  • Fixed a clock glitch on SD card access from FPGA that could lead to audio/video distortion with MSU1
  • Properly map SRAM to Banks f0-ff instead of f0-fb in Mode 20 (“LoROM”) memory map
  • Added support for headered bsxbios.bin too
  • Slight SD card read performance optimization for MSU1 (avoid unaligned reads)
  • Change initial SRAM fill value (courtesy of devinacker) – fixes Ken Griffey Jr., Ou-Chan,
    and possibly other games that don’t perform a proper SRAM content sanity check
  • Always start game on PPU2 field 0. This doesn’t fix any known issue but is put in for compatibility’s sake.

Para ver o post original e fazer o download da nova versão, click here.

To learn more about the SD2SNES, and how to run games from an SD card in your Super Nintendo, click here.

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