21/09/2017 BUY AT SHOP L S HINODE 1,00 – Submarino Card

You received your card or Submarine was check the postings on the website of Cetelem and came across the following launch:

21/09/2017 BUY AT SHOP L S HINODE 1,00

The answer is Yes? Or do you know that you are not alone. In recent days dozens of people come reporting exactly the same problem on several Web sites of complaints. And this that you write has also been one of the victims.

Every release has in common the date (21/09/2017), the value (R$ 1,00) and the description (“BUY AT SHOP L S HINODE”). And in all cases the owners of the cards do not recognize such a purchase and not even know about the store.

It would be a system failure or a big fraud? This is still a mystery. Even people who reported never having used the card received such collection. A leak had occurred with the numbers of all these cards?

But a fraud of as low makes sense? Let's review. Consider that many people will not see the launch or won't care to take action given the low value. Calling customer service is stressful, the wait can be long, connections fall. Lost time, and time is money. Ultimately, the fact is that many may prefer to pay undue collection.

Cetelem has been limited to block the affected cards, promise the charge of misappropriation and issuing another card, It may take up to 40 calendar days to reach. This implies potentially losing a lot of promotions.

Aware that it probably would occur, I decided to make a purchase of two games I was wanting in the Submarine's birthday promotion. I waited the collection occur and only then called Cetelem. And now I'm with the card under suspicion of fraud blocked and waiting for the new.

It's pretty pitiful. 40 calendar days… You can lose up to Black Friday! Is another factor that can weigh in favor of the alleged fraudsters. The client does not want to be without the card. Often the Sub makes promotions in the card's Submarine 10% discount or even more. This easily beats the discount R$ 1,00 lost.

Ultimately, I hope the Cetelem manifest itself as for the problem, It seems quite plausible that happened a leak. I also hope that being pro-active and cancel all charges regardless of customer demonstration. Por fim, I hope that whoever is behind these charges will also be identified and processed.

You have also been victim of undue collection? Leave a comment.

Update (11/10/2017): The new card of the submarine has arrived. Despite the period of 40 days, ended up taking only 7. It is possible that in other regions of the country take more. Less bad.

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In my not come but when searching about this company, It's obvious that is a financial pyramid scheme. The question is what does that have to do with Cetelem…
It's like money laundering.


Hi aLEX, in my appeared the collection, Let me ask you, you pay or not your membership card, because I don't pay, Maybe they want to take the annuity canceling the card and making new contract, I look forward to your return, thank you.


My card is free for the first year. You use the card frequently?
I heard reports of people who had the card cancelled by staying too long without use.


My boy has a 1 real day 23/09 to J F DELIVERI


Hi CAfosys, in my also appeared, but with the name HINODE, Let me ask you, you pay or not your membership card, because I don't pay, Maybe they want to take the annuity canceling the card and making new contract, I look forward to your return, thank you.


I called at Cetelem, informed me that nothing will change in the card agreement, the number and password.


I had the same problem, However, I paid tuition for three years already!

Aldo Cintra

I've been running check, and you don't have this launch there.
That good, a headache unless.


then my friend came charged, Let me ask, you pay your membership card ? because my is gratis, Maybe that, I look forward to your return, thank you.


In my cas0 came charging annuity installment 1/6 31,40 and there came also 1 real L S Hinode.


My also appeared on the day 22/09/2017


Hi Vinicius, in my also appeared, Let me ask you, you pay or not your membership card, because I don't pay, Maybe they want to take the annuity canceling the card and making new contract, I look forward to your return, thank you.


On my card came this damn R$ collection 1,00.
Day 22/09/2017, buy at Shop L S HINODE.

Same date as my, absurd! That's coup of brabos!


I had this collection also, contacting Cetelem informed me that there's nothing in the system about this scam, but they cancelled my card and send another up 20 useful day, and the reversal was in review.

Cetelem's card has a big problem: He doesn't have a system use notification. It can be used and the client didn't even know until I get the invoice (or consult the site). Mine was used improperly for several days until I notice.


People came in my purchase on tb day 22.09.17 in this same shop HINODE charging R$ 1,00.
My card is free annuity, But even so called making the complaint and their independent charge tuition again, just cancel, because if hj charge 1,00 insignificant to us and if tomorrow comes 500,00? that's what I told the young man who answered me. Let's see if you're going to be charged or not the annuity.
Thanks for the guidance there.


The mine came this farce will call there tomorrow without fail. Top card is Nubank any purchase you know immediately. and there's no run-around.


I noticed this collection today through a forum that access. I called cetelem and cancelled the card, They said that nothing changes the fact that I have free annuity, Let's see if we can come charging, If you come I cancel the card of the submarine.

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