Ignoring directories in Cloud Backup Station

Cloud Station Backup is a program to backup the Synology to be used in conjunction with the Cloud Station Server, available for the Synology NAS, like DS214play, that I showed here in Skooter Blog.


One of the problems of Cloud Station Backup, is that it does not allow to ignore directories based on the name. By the interface it is possible to ignore files, but no directories.

To me this is a big problem, You can also use two synchronization software, Syncback Pro and Syncthing that makes versioning of files and keep the earlier versions in subdirectories called ' $SBV $’ and '. stversions’ (without the quotes), respectively.


The solution is relatively simple, but only palliative. In fact the Cloud Station Backup already have a feature to ignore directories. He just is not available in the graphical interface.

To use it you need to edit the following file:


In this file there is a section [Directory] that already brings some strings that, When found in the name of a directory, make the directory be ignored. Just add the desired strings. Mine was so:

black_name = "@tmp", "@eaDir", ".SynologyWorkingDirectory", "#recycle", "desktop.ini", ".ds_store", "Iconr", "thumbs.db", "$Recycle.Bin", "@sharebin", "System Volume Information", "Program Files", "Program Files (x86)", "ProgramData", "#snapshot", ".stversions", "$SBV$"

The drawback of this solution is that when the program is updated, the file in question back to its default state, so you need to apply it again.

Unfortunately we won't have a definitive solution when the Synology fix enable ignore directories in own interface.

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