2º Durabone Odontopet Bone for extra strong bite

In 2016 I showed here an article with the birthday gifts from my dog. One of them was a Durabone bone Odontopet for extra strong bite.

After a year being gnawed, the Durabone Bone Odontopet was already well worn, so this year I decided to give another one to him. Check out:

Durabone bone Odontopet for extra strong bite

Durabone bone Odontopet for extra strong bite

Durabone bone Odontopet for extra strong bite

Durabone bone Odontopet for extra strong bite

The Durabone Bone Odontopet comes with meat or natural aroma. As he is great, There's no risk of being swallowed. To be gnawed, serves to satisfy the need of dog chew. The idea is to decrease the boredom and my teeth cleaned.

Common biters last bit with my dog, He is a Dachshund. It's small but has strong bite. The nylon Durabone Bone Odontopet is one of the few who resist to their bites without being completely broken, as has already occurred with several other biters.

Something I've noticed is that my dog only has interest in things that can destroy. It's no use giving a toy of some material that he takes and doesn't notice the difference. He needs to realize that he is able to do some damage. On Durabone Bone Odontopet This happens, because the teeth marks are appearing slowly and the bone will deforming. The packaging says small bristles, the size of a grain of rice, usually do not cause problems if swallowed. Apparently not even. The packing says bristles raised while chewing helps clean and control plaque.

A detail deserves attention and can't fail to mention: the dog tends to leave the bone thrown anywhere, therefore humans need to watch your step. The bone slips on the floor flat, as floors. So a Piso upon bone can cause serious accidents. Almost happened to me a few times.

The Durabone Bone Odontopet It was purchased in a pet shop location, by R 19,17. The regular price was R$ 21,30, but on Wednesday all the products the store has 10% off. Not cheap, but I've seen similar products of other brands costing much more. It can also be found online, click here and check out.

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