F1 2017 – Playstation 4 (PS4)

In this article I talk about the F1 2017 for the Playstation 4 (PS4). Racing games have always been among my favorites, especially the Formula 1, I follow since I was a kid.

From or Enduro Atari 2600, that was my first video game, passing by Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II, do Mega Drive, cartridge which have to date, and the Grand Prix series on PCs. Ultimately, played many racing games, in all the islands I've ever had.

The F1 series Codemasters He started in 2009, but my first game was the F1 2010 do Playstation 3 (PS3). I liked and played quite. The following year bought F1 2011, also the Playstation 3, that was even better. But he was not so different from the previous version. I ended up not playing a lot and so did not buy the following versions.

The F1 2017 is my return to the series. And I can say that it has improved enough. Graphics and sounds are of course much better, the cars and drivers are the championship 2017, with the rules of 2017. But it's not just that. The game was actually more interesting.

logo started with a championship. In early versions it had to start in a down team and then go up. Now give to start in any. I started at Ferrari. Of course to get into a great team means that the team will expect more from you. Every race you learn what position the team wants you to get on the grid, position and expects you to finish the race. Meets expectations and staff will be happy with you. The interest from other teams for you also increases and decreases as their results. Eventually you will also have rivals, and it is good wins them the questions that will add points.

Free practice they used to be quite boring in the first versions, I used to only a walk to see how the track was and has jumped to qualify. Now Codemasters He managed to leave the most attractive training. There are some objectives to be met, making laps around the track through specific points, forcing the use of the best route. There is specific training for fuel economy and tire economy. There drills simulating qualifying and race conditions. And there are specific objectives in each race, how to do a workout with two adjustments cars or two different types of tires. Fulfilling these goals gain points that can be used to make improvements in the car.

And the improvements are many, more than a hundred of them. You can choose the desired option and wait some races to see the result of research and development team efforts. How to get a little lost among so many options, simply follow the engineer's recommendation and keep the focus on racing.

In addition to the current cars, also we can steer some classic cars, as McLaren 1991, where Senna took the tri-championship. There are some specific events that appear in the middle of the league where we can pilot them, and you can also access them directly through menus. It is always good to hear the sound of a car Formula 1 really, with a beautiful V12, instead of waxing engine sound of today's cars. And it the Codemasters It has no guilt.

Speaking of sound, this is the first game that I see with the DTS-HD logo. There is some controversy regarding the sound Playstation 4. I've seen some people saying that it has no sound because the HD receiver It does not indicate DTS-HD or Dolby True HD. But the fact is that the Playstation 4 sends audio LPCM 7.1, that is lossless. In other words, it is fully capable of decoding HD sound and send to receiver. One must understand that the audio games can not be pre-mixed as the movies, it needs to be mixed in real time, merging track, effects, etc. Therefore, recorded effects and music in DTS-HD or any other HD format, They need to be decoded and mixed, before they are transmitted in LPCM format, without compression and without any loss. The island has to encode the output option already mixed in DTS or Dolby Digital, but in this case there are losses. These two options should only be used by those taking the audio through optical cable or via the TV ARC, that do not support multi-channel LPCM. Who is linking the island directly in receiver You can and should use LPCM.

Car settings are like the player. Who wants to be rooting around in the smallest details can make it. Who, I like, He prefers to focus on direction, You can keep the default setting or choose one of the other 4 presets more or less downforce, choosing from more handling or more speed.

Another novelty is the wear of components. worn components are likely to fail and this results in lower performance during the race. But you can not always walk with new component as there are limits on the amounts of components that can be used. Spending limits means taking penalties and losing positions in grids the starting. I learned that it's better to be punished than trying to run with too worn components. Running with a gearbox very commonly worn implies a high risk of losing speed during the race. I felt Ayrton Senna having to finish a race with exchange caught.

The climatic conditions are present and can change during training and races. You can feel the rain in both the visual and driveability. Various types of tires are also present and make all the difference. Began to rain? Try to do so a pit stop to put tires intermediate or rain, or prepare to face a much more smooth asphalt than normal.

I believe the level of realism is just right between simulation and arcade. Earlier I picked up a bit to get the hang, but with two races already started to achieve good results. Who just want to have fun can make heavy use of automatic transmission, automatic brake, best route marked on the track, and the flashbacks, that allow a few seconds back in time, avoiding the frustration of a hit on the last lap of a race, for example. Everything is optional and individual, gives to turn on and off each of the aid to the player's taste. Who wants a real challenge can turn off all aid and increase the level of AI opponents.

After two races lost by dry crash, I learned that it is better to put fuel for at least a return to more. It is better to have a car a little heavier than having to manage fuel late in the race. After that I started to win races with relative ease in standard mode, but not yet finished my first championship. When finished I will start off aid to see what happens.

The online mode is also good. Racing against the AI ​​is legal, but it's always nice challenge some human opponents. I did some races in this mode and really liked it, although some inconsistencies occur due to momentarily lost connections. The punishments for those who do not play fair could also be heavier.

Run with the Dualshock 4 it is entirely possible, the game does not require a steering wheel. The purpose, by default the sound engineer of the radio out of the speakers Dualshock 4. But running with the steering wheel is great. I bought a Logitech G29, which I will speak soon, and the experience of playing the F1 2017 with it's fantastic. The force feedback It is well implemented. I also took a few laps to re-adapt to the controls after start running with the steering wheel. But after that never looked back.

Of course, not everything is beautiful and wonderful in F1 2017. There are some defects and points where the game could improve. The voice acting was done without any care for the lip sync. When the engineer comes to talk, is common speech over and he keeps opening and closing the mouth for some time. I believe that this does not occur with the original sound in English. But who plays with audio in Portuguese will certainly notice this oddity.

I also miss further customization of the pilot. You can only choose some real faces. Nothing to assemble a custom face. Whereas for more than a decade Electronic Arts has allowed put our own face in games, through scanning, this customization is zero seeming laziness of developers. Curiosamente a EA não usa mais esse recurso na série Fifa 🙁 . Os narradores e comentaristas também chamam todos os pilotos pelo nome, exceto o nosso que fica sendo ouma Ferrari”, “o piloto da Ferrari” (ou o carro que você escolheu, of course). Em versões anteriores pelo menos dava para escolher dentre uma lista de nomes e apelidos mais comuns.

Outra grande palhaçada é que, ao compartilhar um vídeo do jogo no Youtube, é possível que ele não possa ser exibido em nenhum país por conta da vinheta da Formula 1. Já passou da hora dos desenvolvedores incluírem o upload de gameplay no contrato de licenciamento de marcas e músicas de seus jogos. after all, é praticamente uma divulgação gratuita.

A capa do F1 2017 traz uma curiosidade. São quatro pilotos. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are fixed, after all were the main contenders for the title in August, when the game was released. But the other two pilots are different depending on the country. In Brazil appear Felipe Massa and the Mexican Sergio Perez. This seems to be the cover of the Americas, giving prominence to the two drivers of the continent (Canadian Lance Stroll missed out). In most other regions appear Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen. But on the cover of Belgium appears Stoffel Vandoorne and the Australian cover appears Daniel Ricciardo.

Check out some photos and video unboxing from the F1 2017:

F1 2017 - Playstation 4 (PS4)

F1 2017 – Playstation 4 (PS4)

F1 2017 - Playstation 4 (PS4)

F1 2017 – Playstation 4 (PS4)

F1 2017 - Playstation 4 (PS4)

F1 2017 – Playstation 4 (PS4)

F1 2017 - Playstation 4 (PS4)

F1 2017 – Playstation 4 (PS4)

F1 2017 - Playstation 4 (PS4)

F1 2017 – Playstation 4 (PS4)

Overall, the F1 2017 is a game that I really liked it. For me it's racing game of the year in Playstation 4 (PS4). Not only for his virtues, but because the other three got, and of which I will talk soon, It was very disappointing. I'm talking about Gran Turismo Sport, Project Cars 2 and Need For Speed Payback.

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Hi friend! It's all right? A question.. I finished the first season and wanted to change team, you can tell me when and how I can do this?



Opa!! So I've finished the first season and nothing. I thought I would have as a team and such trovar… but beauty!! I will continue the second and we'll see how it goes!!


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