[Review] Perfect Clean – Koube

In this article I talk about the Perfect Clean, the Koube, a chemical composition developed to clean the power supply system, admission and the combustion chamber of the car engine.

According to the manufacturer, he “has the property of removing and dissolving coal, the Lees and other deposits, transformando-as em micropartículas gasosas; evitando assim, serious problems such as valve break, risk on the shirts of the cylinders and obstruction of the catalysts, among others.”

According to the manufacturer, It is indicated for cleaning nozzles, decarbonisation of engines, pre-ignition, detonation and engine failures caused by adulterated fuel. Your application must be directly in the fuel tank by obeying the instructions of use.

Instructions for use

These are the instructions for use, also obtained on the website of the manufacturer:

  • In corrective character add the entire contents of 1 can of Perfect Clean Koube the fuel tank. Noting that the same must not contain more than 1/4 of fuel.
  • Operate the vehicle on 20/ 30 minutes at idle, If possible give a 5 a 10 km when the vehicle.
  • No persisting more symptoms the tank can be completed with the fuel normally.
  • In preventive use of content 1 can of Perfect Clean Koube for a tank with up to 75 liters of fuel.


The Perfect Clean It consists of aromatic and aliphatic petroleum distillates, glycol ethers, glycols, alcohols, ketones, detergent/dispersing additives.

The fact sheet shows that he has anhydrous ethanol, 1,2,4-Trimetilbenzeno, Hidrotratado Light distillate and naphtha distilled light.

The vehicle and the symptoms

The Perfect Clean, the Koube was purchased to be used in a generation 3 (G3), He already had more than 230.000 RK on occasion. In the past, It ran a lot on highways and rarely presented problems. The engine never filed. Motor oil has always been exchanged thoroughly every 5.000 RK, or on validity determined, the oil specified by the manufacturer.

But a few years, This Gol G3 began to run less, and predominantly in the city, In short snippets. Eventually the engine started to introduce some flaws. The mechanical diagnosis was that the engine was burnt. Did the cleaning of nozzles, spark plugs, among other components. Recommended floor more in highways, use only unleaded gas with additives and use of the additive Bardahl.

The car has improved a lot after these cleanings, and even more fulfilling the recommendations, but now and again he still failed. Well little, yes. I figured I could still be dirt in the combustion chamber. Open it to clean it's complicated and expensive, typically only done with grinding, It wasn't something that would be worth doing given the mild symptoms who had left.

Choosing the Perfect Clean of Koube

Then started researching decarbonisation chemistry, a somewhat controversial efficiency process, but that seems to mitigate the effects of light carbonizações. I contemplated buying some decarbonisation kits with products of Bardahl, but I got some recommendations of the Perfect Clean, the Koube. I looked for information about him and found several positive reports.

The Perfect Clean It's cheaper than other additives, and definitely much cheaper than grinding. I figured it would be worth risking.


Check out the photos and a video of the unboxing from the Perfect Clean:

Perfect Clean - Koube

Perfect Clean – Koube

Perfect Clean - Koube

Perfect Clean – Koube

Perfect Clean - Koube

Perfect Clean – Koube

Using the Perfect Clean

When the Perfect Clean arrived I was eager to test it, but the Gol G3 was tank almost full. Expected he got quite close recently to finally use it. With less than 1/8 of gas in the tank, the time has come.

Opening the packaging I noticed that the Perfect Clean has a strong smell of solvent and bluish. I poured all the 500 ml directly in the tank. Dei start the engine and leave it running at idle for half an hour. Then went for a walk around town. I didn't realize any path failure. The tank was completed a few days later, with gasoline with additives.

From então, the tank has already been completed with premium gasoline sometimes, without additional additives. I didn't realize more failures. Apparently Perfect Clean worked.

Final Considerations

I can't say with 100% I'm sure the Perfect Clean It worked in this case, because the symptoms were already pretty attenuated after cleaning up made by the mechanic and the changes in the use of the automobile. Furthermore, I don't use a lot of this car, so that even when the problem was more critical, to me he did not fail so much. But the fact is that I didn't notice any more failure after using the Perfect Clean.

If I intend to use the Perfect Clean as preventive in other cars? Probably not. At least not in cars with motor flex, because the use of ethanol already decreases enough engine carbonization. Just check that more than 50% the content of your own Perfect Clean is anhydrous ethanol. But in cars that use gasoline only until it makes sense. There are even those who put a little ethanol in non-flex cars eventually aiming to avoid charring. On the other hand, at Perfect Clean in a full tank will increase the percentage of ethanol, because the damn brazilian gasoline already has more than 1/4 of anhydrous ethanol. Maybe the other components of the Perfect Clean make a difference? Or maybe use only unleaded gas with additives good quality enough? Leave this to the experts.

Already for cases of charring light I think it is worth trying the Perfect Clean. If it works great. If not work, at least it's not a big injury, and he should not do. It cost me R$28,28 and more freight R$11,78, a total of R$40,06. It's very little compared to the price of dismantling the engine to clean, What should pass easily from R$ 1.000,00.

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