You still read the Skooter Blog? So leave a comment…

You still read the Skooter Blog? Então por favor deixe um comentário!

Not, este não é apenas umteste de alcance”. Na verdade eu preciso decidir que rumo o Skooter Blog deve tomar. E resolvi pedir ajuda aos leitores fiéis, e o primeiro passo é descobrir se ainda existe algum leitor 🙂 .

Eu sei que blogs estão em declínio há alguns anos. Cada vez mais as pessoas preferem textos curtos ou vídeos no Youtube. Today, quase metade dos visitantes que por aqui passam estão em dispositivos móveis. E a grande maioria dos visitantes em geral entra aqui uma única vez. São poucos os que retornam. Mas talvez você seja um dos que retornam, e sua opinião é importante para mim.

Mesmo tendo poucas visitas e muitos artigos onde não há nenhum engajamento (not a single comment), I continued publishing because blogging is a hobby and he was still paying advertising and affiliate programs.

But times have changed, the real depreciated and today few people buying abroad. International affiliate programs do not yield more. Youtube not monetizes more channels with less than 1.000 subscribers. Ours has just 809. To complete, now the main national affiliate programs excluded all affiliates who are individuals, for new legislation now requires that affiliates have CNPJ. And having a CNPJ is too expensive. It is always the government messing who wants to work…

I wondered to create some kind of crowdfunding in Patreon / line Padrim, but even the most popular blogs have managed little support it. The Skooter Blog certainly get nothing.

Does not appear, but this blog already has more than 10 years. At that time many have tried to do similar work, with review of products, purchases abroad, some even with famous bloggers, but all ended up fading sooner or later, it is something that really does not give financial return. The few sites that still do reviews gain Products, or at least have them transferred temporarily by manufacturers or shops.

In these 10 years the layout here has gone through several revisions, to find a theme that seems to be the ideal. Changes in comments system, in the forms to sign and receive notifications of new articles, I made several changes without much fanfare to leave even better experience.

The question now is whether this blog should continue and what path should follow. I see that some series that previously had enough appeal, now there's no more. Maybe the few assiduous readers have changed in recent years. For example, a about Canada series I decided to shut down after the last article didn't have a single comment. Now probably do the same with the number of Tec Toy tips, because apparently there is no interest in this content.

With the articles of reviews and unboxing the results are mixed. Some articles have enough return, but most have almost nothing. And even the articles with more return still has very little return when compared with the past. And I understand the reason, most people just looking for a review of a product when you're planning to buy it. Few read only to meet. Maybe it's another series that has no more future.

My questions now are: Skooter Blog must continue? In the same format? In another format? What kind of article you'd like to see? Shorter articles? Longer articles? Migrate the blog to Youtube and make only reviews and unboxing in video? Migrate to any other platform? You would continue reading the Skooter Blog if the texts were in English only? Leave your comment and help decide the future of the blog.

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I read, but being honest only the analyses that interest me (Games/electronics/4 k/movies).


I usually read!
The proof is here, hehe

I also CEECs in relation to comments, many of the articles I just reading and leave comments.
But one of my hobbies at other times, visit the blog to see what products you received legal and if any of them could be useful to me (Viva consumerism).

The format I think it's great, simple to read and always with the same pattern of presentation, that ends up making it easier for those who read several articles, go straight to the point.


Man, donates a maniconio-share invitation to me. Please.


First I appreciate the dedication all these years. Then I confess that even reading almost all the posts, never had commented. I don't have much a habit, I wonder if it's because I was born in the 80 (well at the very beginning) hehe. But I used various tips to buy abroad and remember the games of my time. Currently use YouTube to know about the subjects of my interest. My favorite subjects are electric cars, emulators, financial education, sacanegem (ops) and new technologies. Thanks


I read everything that interests me (reviews, shopping in General, experiences, etc.), but I think they could be shorter texts. Believe in your success also migrated to narrative videos. Are more dynamic and easy to be consumed. However I love your detailed narratives that even the blog anyway so the same way, I will continue consuming. It's rare that dedicated professional terms and particular. Congratulations always!


In my work, the issue of videos becomes impractical, lose me as a reader of the blog. The current format because it can be a reading between a service and another.


I read for a long time. I don't know need, but since the time of the defunct Google reader. Currently use feedly to read, because it is more practical. Came across your blog when I started buying stuff from china, and your reviews helped me a lot. Currently I read everything that comes out on the blog, with the exception of reviews of comics and games. I never got a chance to thank you for everything, then, I take now. Thank you very much, with sincerity! Big hug from the inside of PB.


Olá Skooter, I'm not going to say that I read all your posts, but a good part I read Yes, I just don't usually do many comments. I very much appreciate the reviews of electro/electronics and shopping tips abroad as was the case with the purchase of eyeglasses in Goggles4u I asked your help (Many thanks again). What I usually don't read: games that really isn't my thing. I have enjoyed immensely the post about solar energy, I learned a lot from him.


I read! Even in these difficult times of post office (even more – and that it is possible) inefficient, I love seeing the analysis of Chinese gadgets! Even the old score as count and.

I subscribe to the Blog for a long time, I consider the quality content, I've got many tips or news you were very helpful.

To make constructive criticism, I noticed lately if you are omitting prices in reviews, even making references saying that such product is expensive or cheap, I think it's a strategy to make the readers to click on the affiliate links out of curiosity to see the price.

This damages the quality because lets review incomplete missing essential information, until pq is not always convenient to click on links, especially in mobile devices. I am avoiding reading the reviews for this reason. But of course, I understand that you may need to use this strategy, so don't complain.

I read via feed, but there's a lot of post that I think kind of useless. Type what you posted about the power scheme in your home caused me to search more about it, now post on “surge” give me a damn lazy ….

Always read (and comment). But the videos of retrogames, Although it. But there are many people who likes.

I walk a few years ago the site here, but it's not all post I read, and between leave a comment nothing generic adds and don't leave, Choose the second option. I find your posts very detailed, to me it's reference, Obviously that's not enough to foot in level of detail and quality. The posts that I like most are about games and technology.

Pedro Enrique

Man I access your blog almost every day, and much like the format, a more in-depth analysis flee from most reviews that just read this q in the product box, unfortunately little comment on tb, but also because, so their detailed analysis, They are practically no doubt, srsrsrsrsr… PS.: Thank you for dedicating to this Hobby, at least I feel grateful for u share your opinions.


Skooter, Follow your blog for years. Their analyses are very good. Now I had to resort to writing to buy a power strip. Congratulations for the work!


Please, Go on!
I'm sure that the income of the people will improve, and I'm sure they will buy more.

I was remembering, I think my purchase in China was due to your community in orkut from Dealextreme. There are other things too that certainly got their tips, and I took, for example, Goggles4u's glasses and the tip to measure PD.

Congratulations on the Blog and hope you will continue.



Serious, the your blog is one of my favorites on the internet. I love the reviews, the products you think to facilitate/solve everyday problems.

In my opinion: same format. I hate the video reviews, rs

Leonardo Puzzello New

I also prefer to text. I read on public transport without breaking my franchise.



Pedro Narvaez

Please, Go on!
Seu blog é um dos melhores que eu já vi!
É útil pra caramba!
E é um dos únicos nesse formato.

Diz aí: o que vc precisa para continuar com o seu trabalho?

Os textos detalhados são o seu diferencial!
Nunca comento pq sou preguiçoso, same…

Aliás comentei no seu post sobre oculos, mas vc n respondeu

Queria saber onde vc está comprando óculos ultimamente.
O goggles4u tem estado muito ruim

Leonardo Puzzello New

I really like and have been released for my friends who enjoy technology. I think it's nice that you do reviews of national products, are always very detailed and makes sure to give your personal opinion.
Never leave a comment because I never had the habit of leaving in almost any location, but I always missed a button like that could somehow contribute to continue.

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