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About a month ago I asked here if anyone still read the Skooter Blog. I know that blogs are no longer in fashion as in the old days. As not received comments on most of the articles, I had impression that nobody else read. But, to my surprise and satisfaction, I found out that I still have some dozens of loyal readers. And most of these readers, as I, seem to prefer the text format, despite the current trend of video reviews.

But, the problem of keeping the blog in the air persists. With the low audience, income barely covers hosting costs, domain and others. You need to find a solution or give up.

I've always asked readers to help spread the word, sharing the blog with friends, and subscribing and publicizing our channel on Youtube, because we need to come up with 1000 followers to be part of the partner program again. This has also not been enough.

But today I thought of another solution so that you readers can contribute to the blog even more, and without having to spend it. All I ask is that you do your shopping online using the links on the Skooter Blog. Not only when buying products analyzed on the blog, but for any national or international purchase, whatever the store or product. Also valid for airline tickets, softwares, games, etc.

How does it work? It's simple: Skooter Blog is affiliated with most of the biggest stores in Brazil and abroad. Instead of typing the store address into the browser, enter through our links. For the customer nothing changes, there is no additional cost, the products will have the same price, or sometimes an even lower price, depending on the store and in case of promotions. And so the Skooter Blog receives a small commission, paid in full for the store, which helps to cover blog costs.

If you want to collaborate, just add this article to your favorites. I will keep here the link of the stores always updated, and in two lists (nationals and internationals) Alphabetical. If the link for the store you want to buy is not here, leave a comment i will add it. When buying something, just remember to come by and enter the store through our link. I can count on you?

Stores in Brazil

  1. Adidas
  2. Amazon
  3. American
  4. Anacapri
  5. Angeloni
  6. animals
  7. Araujo
  8. Avianca
  9. Baby Store
  10. Bel Air
  11. Good Health Supplements
  12. Bobo
  13. C & A
  14. Carrefour
  15. Home&Video
  16. Catho
  17. Centaur
  18. Cissa Magazine
  19. ClickBus
  20. Clinique
  21. Right buy
  22. Condor
  23. Consul
  24. Daycoval
  25. Take off
  26. Dell
  27. Onofre Drugstore
  28. Drograrias Pacheco
  29. Electrolux
  30. Fast Shop
  31. FNAC
  32. Fut Fanatics
  33. Giraffe
  34. Giuliana Flores
  35. Groupon
  36. HOPE Lingerie
  37. Urban Hotel
  38. Jequiti
  39. Locaweb
  40. Loungerie
  41. Havan
  42. Kanui
  43. Latam
  44. Levi’s
  45. Livraria Cultura
  46. MAC Cosmetics
  47. Marabraz
  48. Marisa
  49. Max Miles
  50. Microsoft
  51. Mobly
  52. Monama
  53. Monte Carlo Jewelry
  54. Motorola
  55. Nature
  56. Netfarma
  57. Nike
  58. Nuuvem
  59. Oakley
  60. Olympikus
  61. Onofre Now
  62. Ourtime
  63. Black sheep
  64. Pandora Joais
  65. PCWinSoft
  66. Pet Meu Pet
  67. Smallbox
  68. Competitions Point
  69. Posthaus
  70. Princes
  71. Protests
  72. Rakuten
  73. Renner
  74. Ri Happy
  75. Riachuelo
  76. Sao Paulo Mania
  77. Hail
  78. protection
  79. Sephora
  80. Shop Timão
  81. Shopfacil
  82. Shoptime
  83. I'm Cheap
  84. Submarino
  85. Submarino Viagens
  86. North Tile
  87. Ticket
  88. Timberland
  89. Trip Advisor
  90. Under Armour
  91. Vivara
  92. Zattini
  93. Zee. Dog

Overseas Stores

  1. 6pm
  2. AC Lens
  3. Aeropostale
  4. airfarewatchdog
  5. AliExpress
  6. Amazon (USA)
  7. Amazon (Canada)
  8. Argos
  9. Asos
  10. Bad Bath & Beyond
  11. Banana Republic
  12. B&H Photo Video
  13. Bluefly
  14. Century 21
  15. DealExtreme (DX)
  16. Eastbay
  17. eBay
  18. eStarland
  19. Express
  20. Fandango
  21. FocalPrice
  22. FragranceNet
  23. FragranceX
  25. Gap
  26. GearBest
  27. GeekBuying
  28. Hautelook
  29. Hawk Host
  30. Jomashop
  31. LighTake
  32. LightInTheBox
  33. Kohl’s
  34. MAC Cosmetics
  35. Macy’s
  36. My VIP Box
  37. NewEgg
  38. Nike
  39. NordStrom
  40. Old Navy
  41. Parachute
  42. Payoneer
  43. Perfume Emporium
  44. Play-Asia
  45. PopSockets
  46. PrettyLittleThing
  47. PriceAngels
  48. Provantage
  49. Ralph Lauren
  50. Retro Gaming Cables
  51. Shipito
  52. Shopbob
  53. ShopTo
  54. Skyscanner
  55. Solaris Japan
  56. Staples
  57. Strawberrynet
  58. SuperShuttle
  59. Target
  60. Tesco Direct
  61. ThingGeek
  62. TinyDeal
  63. Torrid
  64. TripAdvisor
  65. Walmart
  66. WayFair
  67. Urban Outfiters
  68. Vitacost
  69. Zappos

Like the idea? So leave a comment. Disliked? Also let.

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Some store or website is missing? Leave a comment too.

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Tiago Sales

Olá Skooter!
Many things I bought were based on your reviews and indications! Thank you very much for taking the time to show us these details… I know it's not easy to make time for this. I will use your links for future purchases and I will recommend them too.
Big hug!


I have greatly reduced purchases at stores that use the scrapped postal service, but you can count on me too!

Pedro Enrique

Opa, page save, eventually I shop in some stores and I will access them through your link, “pod”

Aldo Cintra

I always buy at Gearbest and sometimes at Aliexpress. I'll start to enter them through this link. favorite.


Lacked Free Market. Or there is no bonus ?

We would like to know what you think, Leave your commentx