Joyzz – The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz

Last year I I showed here in Skooter Blog my SNES30, Super Nintendo controllers Bluetooth wireless, manufactured by 8bitdo. Since then I was hoping that the 8bitdo also do wireless drivers for my other consoles, in particular the Mega Drive, the Atari 2600 and the Playstation One.

And while I was waiting for 8bitdo, a wireless controller for the Mega Drive has just been released by Krikzz, the Thai creator of Mega Everdrive, from the Master Everdrive and so many other Everdrives. This driver received the name of Joyzz.

The Joyzz is very similar to the Mega Drive Controller with 6 Sega's original buttons. Is available in two versions: with the classic black of the original controller and another in translucent plastic gray. I like them both, but it probably would take the classic.

Joyzz - The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz - Classic Black Version.

Joyzz – The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz – Classic Black Version.

Joyzz - The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz - Translucent Grey Version.

Joyzz – The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz – Translucent Grey Version.

The Joyzz It is wireless and comes with the receiver, that is engaged in the Mega Drive controller input. But the announcement did not say if the connection between them is made with the Bluetooth protocol or some other protocol. The 8bitdo uses Bluetooth, what allows you to use your controllers on PCs and other consoles. It would be nice if the Joyzz could be used with the receptors 8bitdo, for example, but it seems not to be the case. But, the Krikzz has already stated that if you do other controllers, they will be compatible with each other.

As well as all the controls in the Mega Drive I know, the Joyzz It is also compatible with the Master System. But it goes beyond, It is compatible even with the games of Master System that are not compatible with the original Mega Drive controllers. This is possible because the Joyzz It has a “Master System” that original controllers don't have, that makes him behave exactly like a Master Control System. Furthermore, He also has the mode of 3 buttons for the Mega Drive/Genesis games that are not compatible with controllers of 6 buttons. The ad doesn't say, but I think the Joyzz also is compatible with the Atari 2600, as with other Mega Drive controllers.

The consumption of the drums is another highlight of the Joyzz, are up to 150 hours of play on a single charge. Not to be used for a few minutes, the controller goes into standby mode. In this way he can stay for over a year without depleting the battery. If this is confirmed it will be excellent, because the controllers of the 8bitdo not hold charge for all this time, not even if are turned off. The Joyzz leaves the standby mode when you press any button or D-Pad.

Another advantage of Joyzz is the battery is removable and uses a standardized format, that is the Nokia BL-4C. It's just easy to find and cheap, but the quality varies depending on the manufacturer. The fact of the removable battery is a very positive point. We're talking about consoles that already has almost 30 years of life. Who has all this time, I like, will want to them and play them by other 30 years. And no battery lasts all this. It is expected that they will have to be replaced several times in this way. This is an evil inevitable with wireless controllers. But the fact that it is a removable battery help. Better than that only if they were batteries AA or AAA conventional formats. The controllers are not removable batteries 8bitdo.

The battery charge is made using a micro USB port. Unfortunately cable is not included. But I believe that potential buyers already have several of these cables in their homes. I have mine that came with my 8bitdo and several other drivers to use with cell phones and other equipment.

The response time of the Joyzz It is also excellent, around 2,7 ms, insignificant when compared with the latency of LCD TVs, even in game mode, or Framemeister, If it is being used.

The firmware is updateable through an application for Windows, It also allows for modifying a few settings. It is also available a tool to flash cartridges, like Mega Everdrive, that allows you to check system information, as the signal strength, the battery level and other.

Joyzz - The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz, on its packaging.

Joyzz – The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz, on its packaging.

Joyzz - The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz, on its packaging.

Joyzz – The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz, on its packaging.

Joyzz - The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz, on its packaging.

Joyzz – The Wireless Controller for Sega Genesis of Krikzz, on its packaging.

The Joyzz is already available on Krikzz store, for $ 65,00. Yes, is more expensive than a Dualshock 4. Accessories for retrogamers are not cheap. The shipping is by registered letter, the cost of US $ 6,00. There is a small risk of the product being taxed. And there is a big risk of Post stall long enough to make the delivery. I have some packets sent in November that have yet to be delivered.

It is worth noting that There is a claim in the support forum about the D-Pad from the Joyzz. He is slightly rotated clockwise, as you can see in the pictures, including. Seems to be a defect in the mold of the D-Pad, What should affect all Joyzz manufactured so far. Including the purchaser in question solved the problem only changing the D-Pad for one of the Hyperkin, because the circuit board is perfect. So worth the wait and see how the Krikzz will resolve this situation. We will likely see a revised version of the D-Pad, remedying the defect.

Let's keep an eye on solving this problem of the D-Pad of Joyzz. He has already won your space on my wish list.

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Ola Skooter! I've been following your posts about who le's posts, the money that you are trying to do to keep the site, etc. A tip: The subjects that interest me I end up reading the body of the email even! I was doing this in this message and I thought it would be better for you if I walked into email for account of advertisements, etc. It would not be the case you do email a brief description to force the user to enter your site and thus generate clicks, propaganda, etc?


About Krikzz control: He has turbo function? On page not found mention but could be a function enabled by the configuration program….

Ulysses 8Bits

This control is very nice but… This rotation of the D-pad. It seems that the person who developed the design didn't make a mistake but just tried to “harmonise” the angulation of the left hand in the mirror with the right (that uses the buttons also rotated in opposite direction). Seems to be the typical mistake of designer who ignores engineering. Or designer who never played video games. It's not a criticism. I suspect that it was a mistake by ignorance of basic ergonomics.

Rodrigo Malachi

Hello, Skooter! Am I wrong, but the review of control was before purchasing it? Recommends the purchase, What are the strengths and weaknesses?If very parcece with the original, with regard to comfort and playability?

Rodrigo Malachi

You convinced me, I'm running to buy my ... RS
Lately, I'm also interested in collecting arcade boards. I ordered a super gun to forehead-las. You know the subject or intend to collect them?
Face, I miss your reviews that are fucking. Hug!

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