[Review] Box1 versus Shipito – Redirect u.s. orders

Who monitors the Skooter Blog knows that often, or 18 times to be precise, I used the services of Shipito to bring orders from the USA to Brazil.

But, on mine last purchase redirected by Shipito, they gave the limp to the value of freight in customs form, which generated more taxes. They said this would be a new USPS rule, but it seems that this is not true, because other redirect companies claim that they still don't place the value.

Because of this, I decided to test the services of Box1, which also offers redirection service. But the regret was great. And in this article I explain the reason for not recommending this company.

Concerning Shipito, Box1 does have some advantages. They are:

  • Box without logos.
  • Individual sender.
  • Freight value undeclared.

But the advantages end there. On the other hand, the disadvantages are many. There many hidden fees! Are fees that are omitted in the freight calculator, that we only find out when the package is already there and we can't give up using the service anymore. This seems to me a dishonest practice, made to deceive the customer.

Here are the disadvantages of Box1:

  • Does not accept PayPal.
  • Many hidden fees! (omitted in the freight calculator).
  • Hidden surcharge for using card (4%).
  • Hidden and mandatory packaging fee (US$ 4,60).
  • Extra hidden fee to send as a gift (US$ 0,49).
  • Hidden insurance amount (in Shipito appears on the calculator).
  • Very expensive insurance value (5% the value of the product + cost of freight; in Shipito it's just $ 3,00).
  • Product packaging crumpled in the scale photo sent by them, indicating that there was a fall when handling (Shipito never crumpled my packages and the Amazon nor).
  • Florida only deposit (state tax is paid to buy at Amazon, a Shipito has 3 deposits in the USA, being one in Oregon, where there is no state tax).
  • Credit card payment did not work even though the data is all correct.
  • Payment by billet with dollar at R $ 3,72 while the commercial dollar is R $ 3,46 (7,5% most).
  • Hidden fee in boleto payment (R$ 2,50).
  • In the FAQ they say they write the handwritten forms and labels. It's a lie! It's all printed.
  • Didn't use the content description I put (generic, but true). Instead, they declared fake content.

In total, I spent R $ 431,64 the service, with shipping and all hidden fees included, well beyond the value that was shown on the freight calculator, U.S. $ 85,75, which would give less than R $ 300,00 at the price of R $ 3,46. Even considering the dollar exchange rate of PayPal and the IOF, Dilma's cursed heritage 6,38%, still would not exceed R $ 330. In other words, I spent more than R $ 100 only on hidden fees from Box1.

The product in question was a Synology 4 Bay on the DiskStation DS918 + (Diskless). The package was taxed at the declared value, without opening. If they had opened I could have problems, because I used the description: “Hard Disk Drive Enclosure (Diskless)”, which is generic, but true. But, they chose to put “Used Hard Drive”, that does not correspond with reality, because there are no hard drives in the package, the NAS actually comes with no disk at all.

Synology 4 Bay on the DiskStation DS918 + (Diskless) being heavy on Box1. Note the dented box.

Synology 4 Bay on the DiskStation DS918 + (Diskless) being heavy on Box1. Note the dented box.

The labels in the Box1 package. There's nothing handwritten around here.

The labels in the Box1 package. There's nothing handwritten around here.

Note that the labels and customs form are all printed, contrary to what their FAQ says on the website.

The Box1 FAQ that says forms and labels are handwritten. This information is false!

The Box1 FAQ that says forms and labels are handwritten. This information is false!

Ultimately, the packet arrived, well packaged and with the taxes provided. It was cool that they didn't really declare the freight value, which proves that the information passed by Shipito, that this would now be mandatory, it's false!

The box without logos and shipping as an individual is interesting, but it only makes a difference when the declared value is less than US $ 50,00. Above that the tax comes in the same way. But the main: I don't think it's honest to hide the fees and only show them when the package is already there and the customer can no longer give up. I also didn't think it was legal to lie in the FAQ and change the description of the content. Give way, I don’t recommend Box1 and I don’t intend to use their services again.

Quanto to Shipito, I can even go back to using it, but only if you need to use the freight Airmail Economy for something very cheap, or to use Fedex or DHL. For USPS services I intend to use some other service. I will probably test the Direct Shipments next purchase. Do you have any other suggestions? Leave a comment.

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Pedro Enrique

Have you had any experience with MyVipBox?


Hi Pedro, Jewelry?
I usually use myvipbox, so far without problems, I'm in the fourth package there.
The only thing is that now I'm thinking about using Grabr, because the price is little more, but guaranteed not to pay the fee.

I've used myvipbox and found it honest and organized.

Thanks for the post. Very enlightening.
So, recommend doing a test with Shopfans. I already used Shipto and through Shopfans I imported my PS4 Pro from SW Battlefront and they taxed me on the amount I informed to declare.
1 a 2 blurays ou games, charge me $ 12, $ 16 dollars.

increase .

As was said in the post, used 2 Box1.com and I fell victim to these naughty fees at 48 the second half and stopped using. I'm currently using Uscloser, but I am open to options!

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