Installing Duplicati as service on Windows 10

In this article series Problems & Solutions I speak of the installation Duplicati as a service in Windows 10.

For some time I've been using the Duplicati as backup solution. On the machines that I use only, leave it running in standard mode, as a common application that is in tray. But family machines, I chose to run it as a service, leaving the automated task.

This installation should be trivial, but not. I took a few tries to leave the service really working. Here are the steps I took:

1) You can install Duplicati normally.

2) Close instance that opened automatically.

3) Open PowerShell and run the following file on the directory where the Duplicati was installed:

\Duplicati.WindowsService install

This will install the Windows service that will start the service as Duplicati.

4) Start Duplicati service, and configure service to automatically restart in the event of failure.

5) Duplicati access interface via web on localhost:8200 . If the door 8200 He was already busy he is at the door 8300, and so.

6) Find shortcuts to the Start Duplicati and Startup menu and add the following option in the call '–no-hosted-server’ for it to connect to the service rather than opening a new instance.

7) So far everything was trivial, as many tutorials on the Internet. But, for some reason, the service fails to start on my machine. In the event log always appears that the service did not respond in time or something like that. This happened on two different machines, so it's not an isolated problem. For the environment it, the solution was to create a batch file (.bat) that invokes the command to start the service:

net start duplicati

8) The next step was to create a task in Task Scheduler that performs this task whenever the computer starts. To ensure, he also repeated the call every hour.

Thus the Duplicati service actually starts and runs, usually making backups.

It is an ugly hack? It! but it works… I could not figure out why the service failed to automatically start. It's probably some bug Duplicati own. So for now I will leave anyway.

Duplicati interface, accessed via Web.

Duplicati interface, accessed via Web.

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