SD2SNES – Firmware V1. 8.0

O ikari, criador SD2SNES, acaba de lançar o firmware oficial V1.8.0 do excelente cartucho que roda jogos a partir de cartões SD. A novidade é o suporte ao SuperFX implementado pelo RedGuy e alguns patches para contornar problemas de brilho e glitches do Super Nintendo 1CHIP.

Confira a lista completa de atualizações (English):

  • SuperFX support by RedGuy! This is the duck’s guts. What an accomplishment. Big thanks to RedGuy!
  • EXPERIMENTAL brightness patching for S-CPUN based consoles (1CHIP/Jr). The patching is comprised of two parts:
    1. 1CHIP transient fix – tries to alleviate some graphical issues with 1CHIP consoles where it reacts unfavorably to sudden changes to the brightness register. This fixes the shadow in Air Strike Patrol, warped scanlines in Rudra’s Treasure, and faded scanlines at the top of the screen on certain Capcom games when the console is equipped with a de-ghosting fix involving the replacement of the C11 capacitor.
    2. Brightness limit – can be used to limit brightness on consoles where the stock RGB levels are too high.

    NOTE: There are known problems with games that use DMA to set the brightness register. Notably Star Fox and some MSU1 video players. You should disable it if you intend to play those. For now I’m releasing it as is because I still think it can be useful (and I’ll be gone for two weeks and didn’t want to delay this release any further :-D)

  • Added ExLoROM support (LoROM > 32Mbits)
  • The In-game hook is now disabled by default.
  • Touched up the menu a bit – dependent settings are printed in grey if the higher-level setting is disabled

The can be downloaded on the official website.

Note that the schema of the version number changed, jumping from V and V 1.8.0 0.1.7.

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