The post Office passes the charge R$ 15,00 to deliver any international package

From today all international order to get to Brazil, taxed or not, to be delivered by the post office will have to pay R$ 15,00 to the damn State.

Began circulating today in social networks a photo of a purported internal communication of the station:

Alleged internal Postal communication informing about the new collection.

Alleged internal Postal communication informing about the new collection.

At first I thought it was fake news, because the site of the station there is no statement. Would be so dirty about to deploy it without communicating? It would be a lot of dirty surprise waiting for all international purchases that have already been made, some? Yeah, They even screwed!

A quick look at link “My Imports” on the site of the station shows up as will be the new procedure:

Here's how to perform the payment of Postal Order for the release of your object.
– After the payment confirmation, the order will be delivered to the recipient's address.
– The Postal order payment will be available to the client for 30 days. After this date, orders without payment will be returned to origin.
– The delivery of the object, as the service contract at the source, passes from the date of payment confirmation.

And so is the Brazil. When it seems that nothing can be worse, is! It's not enough that the import tax of 60%. Not enough Dilma triple the value of the IOF on purchases abroad. Not enough start to tax packages with values well above the declared. Not enough to start the charge to collect the tax packages taxed. Not enough start rolling months to deliver a package and force stores to stop send to Brazil or send only by shipping more expensive. Not enough the dollar worth more than R$ 4,00. Now they want to get up on top of the non-taxable packages, by lousy service!

Note that this is a unique case in world of double levying of postal service. The sender has paid and the recipient has to pay again. The information that this recovery is performed all over the world postal sector is false.

There are even cases where the recipient must pay for the service of payment of taxes, as is the case in Canada where the fee is C $ 5,00. But charge of the recipients to deliver packets not taxed is exclusive of the post office and the Brazil.

That measure ultimately derail once the importation of cheap items. Many of the items already evaluated here in Skooter Blog has low cost. Dust cap and cell film, Adapters, cables, brackets, Batteries, small electronics, etc. In all these cases the R$ 15,00 will derail the purchase.

For many small products compensated for buying abroad precisely because the post office to buy freight in Brazil precluded the purchase. Now there's no way, in many cases we will be forced to pay more for shipping than for the product itself.

Who wins with this? Of course the middlemen that buy in bulk to resell. And obviously your own post office. This company has been one of the best companies in the world postal, but then went on to be managed by political party sponsored the monthly allowance. The higher wages of the company passed to be paid to people with no experience in logistics, which occupy the positions by parties. And the result is this company scrapped that is there, taking over 6 months to deliver some packages, as anyone following the submit your Blog already know. And now the Bill will arrive to us what we want to do our shopping abroad.

Congratulations to all involved.

Update (27/08/2018 to 21:54): By the time of the original publication of this article (16:28) There was no news on the site of the post office with respect to the recovery. Only to 20:35 the post office finally decided Notice the absurdity that began to impose, confirming all reports first.

The justification given by the post office is absurd. They claim that “The amount charged by mail is R$ 15, four times less than the average practiced by other logistic operators to perform similar procedures”. That is a lie, because no other logistics operator charge the recipient for the untaxed packs. Even in the case of packages taxed, the other logistic operators charge the recipient for having collected the tax in advance, and do not charge if the tax has already been collected by the sender. Only the post office charge even getting the tax in advance, and only the post office charge even in packages untaxed. As far as I know, This situation is unprecedented in the world. Only the post office snake by the same service recipient that the sender has paid.

The comparison with other logistic operators is also inappropriate, Once the post office has a number of tax exemptions to which the other logistic operators do not count, In addition to offering a service well below, slow and poor tracking.

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This now… If before it was bad now impeded buy out. Worse than I have some packages that haven't arrived in Brazil and probably will come with this rate. Never doubt, What is bad can still get worse, and we still pay the Bill as usual here in Brazil.

I believe that more is to come. The postal service go through a disastrous financial situation. While that's, a federal intervention will be required, which means that the public money as necessary to other areas, will have to be invested in the post office.

I'm waiting to get multiple packages of low value if you have to pay 15 real, It's not worth it and return. But it was not clear how they're going to do to collect unregistered orders.

But to understand the post office. The Chinese ship products to 1 USD with shipping included. The post office in Brazil need to deliver for free these orders. It's good for us that we take these imports, but I've always found strange as might be feasible that such cheap shipping for purchases from China.


Privatização Já! E abre a Concorrência, deixa UPS, Fedex, DHL e outras disputarem de igual para igual (mesma carga tributária). 17 on them.


17 on them. 🙂


Pois é skooter! Belo texto!
Reflete a indignação de todo brasileiro que faz importação.

Minha opinião
1 – questiono a constitucionalidade dessa medida. I believe that soon someone will get some court injunction preventing it;
2 – Although they say that all goods are subject to collection, I believe that they will focus collecting in some products only, at random. I see no possibility of control practice, separate and store thousands of products arriving daily. It is infeasible.

This attitude of the postal service qq just demonstrates how we are exploited and disrespected by the Government! unfortunate!

And there 'people’ to disagree with the privatization…


Country of crooks! They remember when they wanted to tax the Rio de Janeiro because of violence? all nonsense! Instead of the state to secure, He wondered to charge the people for insecurity. Last year I had my car stolen and stripped, among other things, the two plates. Fortunately it was recovered by the insurer. But I had to pay to put new stripe cards and seals! When this service should be free, because the State did not provide me security. And I had B. The. and insurance drive, fine straight.

Aldo Cintra

Is my friend, It's getting harder and harder.
I have some 5 orders to arrive. In other words, lose 75 real in this.
Can you tell me how will orders initiated in U? I have some but no trace. Even when it comes. There to na curiosity.

Aldo Cintra

Tried all my codes Q and U, and they all said “Sorry, the tracking information is available now.” in Cainiao.
The way is to wait to see what happens.


I will not buy anything this year. I'm just going to see the world burn stalker.


Excellent story. Unfortunately, After paying that fee, to try to make the delivery I found out that the seller sent to another address . Will I receive a refund of the product value but the 15,00 not know how to retrieve ! Does anyone have any information about how the postal service will refund this value?


votou no bolsonaro kkkkkk agora piorou hahahaha flw

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