[Review] RecargaPay – Mobile recharge, Bill payment, Transport card recharge

In this article I talk about the RecargaPay, an application available for Android, IOS and also in web, used to make cell phone recharge, Bill payment, transport card recharge, among other services.

I already had the application Android I installed on my phone for some time, used sporadically but had never given much thought. Now I realized that I can save a few bucks with him doing things I've always done, as credited in the mobile and pay bills. As? Continue reading this article I will explain.

Mobile recharge

I have two prepaid chips, a Vivo and Tim. The Vivo has the same number I have for over 15 years, since the technology was still the CDMA and my phone was a Nokia 8280, I have to this day and still works, although no longer be enabled.

Vivo's chip has the number I use to receive calls. Vivo has the best signal in my area. But only use to make calls when Tim does not sign, then I put only $ 7,00 month, that is the minimum to keep it running. Still I have more than R $ 200,00 Accumulated credit.

The other prepaid chip is a Tim Beta, the time that Tim has launched this promotion. It is the chip that currently use to make calls (when you sign) and use Internet. Use Tim Beta Weekly package, that gives me 1,5 GB per week, unlimited SMS to any operator, 100 minutes to use to any fixed or mobile phone, and access to Deezer Premium.

The drawback of Tim is that the signal is not the best and it has no signal in my house and in my work. At home with him to receive SMS from time to time, but you can not make calls. The 100 minutes left over for me, because hardly make connections. The 1,5 GB Internet also abound, as at home and at work have WiFi (besides not having sign of Tim), then pretty much only use when I'm in the street and elsewhere. And I use Deezer enough, because usually I listen to music at work, I listen to music to sleep and listen to music for exercise.

Tim Beta Weekly me costs $ 10,00 by week, then the charge that I do it is $ 10,00 by week, or R $ 20,00 biweekly.

I used to make these refills in home banking, Direct debiting my account. But now I discovered that it is much more advantage to those with refills RecargaPay. The advantages are:

  1. The RecargaPay give me back 5% the value of each recharge of up to R $ 20,00. Thus I can recharge R $ 20,00 Tim in twice a month and R $ 7,00 I dont live. Dos R$ 47,00 I paid only $ effectively 44,65. It is an economy of only $ 2,35, mas é bem melhor que nada. 🙂
  2. With the RecargaPay eu pago usando o meu cartão de crédito. Em vez do dinheiro sair direto da minha conta, ele fica lá por mais até 40 days, dependendo da data da recarga, rendendo juros para mim. São centavos, clear, mas também é melhor que nada.
  3. Também por pagar usando o cartão de crédito, eu ganho pontos no cartão, que eu posso usar na Livelo (ou outro sistema) para trocar por produtos, viagem, etc. Furthermore, quanto mais uso no cartão, mais fácil eu me livro da anuidade, que até hoje eu nunca paguei.

Também é possível programar recargas mensais ou semanais, o que é bastante interessante. Porém nesse caso não se recebe os 5% back.

Bill payment

A maioria das minhas contas está em débito automático, but there are some that do not have an agreement with the bank and I have to pay every month, including Internet account there, water bill, among other.

I used to pay these bills also for home banking, always scheduling payment for the due date to earn some interest on the money while it's still in my hand.

Well, now find I can also pay these accounts using the RecargaPay. What is the advantage? The advantages are the same regarding the use of the card.

  1. With the RecargaPay I pay the bill using my credit card. Em vez do dinheiro sair direto da minha conta, ele fica lá por mais até 40 days, dependendo da data da recarga, rendendo juros para mim. Depending on the amount of accounts interest earned can be considerable.
  2. Também por pagar usando o cartão de crédito, eu ganho pontos no cartão, que eu posso usar na Livelo (ou outro sistema) para trocar por produtos, viagem, etc.
  3. Por fim, the first paid account you gain a bonus of R $ 5,00.

Transport card recharge

The RecargaPay It can also be used to recharge transportation cards, as the Single Ticket Sao Paulo. By the time I write this article the system is available only to São Paulo, Diadem, Ribeirão Preto and Pelotas, so I never used. But I believe that the advantages are the same.

Prime RecargaPay

At this point you may be wondering if there is any trick or how RecargaPay win money. Well, There is a paid plan called Prime RecargaPay, which gives additional benefits.

It costs $ 9,99 month. The advantages are that the repayment 5% It applies to all purchases, while the free plan is to just 3 purchases per month. Furthermore, in cell refills, the Prime customers receive 10% back instead of 5%, They can do without internet refills, It has a physical prepaid card that gives 1% back, among other advantages.

The Prime should be worth enough for people who use or want to use some of the unique benefits, but I'm happy with the free plan.

Care must be taken not to sign the Prime unintentionally, as old placed a pre-selected check box in refills. You must remember to deselect it. But if you happen to sign inadvertently, they cancel and estornam value without major problems. I no longer have seen this little box, They should be removed because of many complaints.

Time to pay bills is also good to be careful not to inadvertently partial. The pre-selected option is payment in installments, and bears interest. You must select the cash payment option to pay in a lump sum in interest-free card. So much attention before confirar payment.

Final Considerations

So far I am satisfied with the RecargaPay, I have saved a good exchanged. I do not know if the benefits of the free plan will last forever, but for now they are paying off.

Among non- RecargaPay the web or download it the app on your phone with the links below:



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I use or Recargapay, the MercadoPago and Picpay for payment of bills and utility bills, in that order. Focus payments on the card and still generate miles.

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