Analogue Announces Mega Sg – a Sega Mega Drive based on FPGA

After a year of the launch of Analogue Super Nt, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System based on FPGA, the Analogue today announced the Mega Sg, a Sega Mega Drive based on FPGA.

The Analogue Super Nt is considered the best clone of the Super Nintendo to modern TVs. It has HDMI output, makes upscale to 1080 p, and works with cartridges and accessories real. It, price to the, He can still be a lot better than a Super Nintendo Classic, Nintendo's own, who uses software emulators less faithful than the FPGA implementation of the Analogue Super Nt.

With this history, the expectation was high for the next announcement of Analogue. Many expected it to be a Mega Drive and hit. After the fiasco of the Tec Toy with the relaunch of a Mega Drive half-assed, and of all the clones also of dubious quality of AtGames, the Analogue Mega Sg is a great news for fans of the console.

It will be compatible with all the games library of the Mega Drive and Master System. An adapter for Master System cartridges come with the console. Adaptors for Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000 and Mark III should be released in the future.

As for the accessories, the Sg will be compatible with the Sega CD, through a side door as the original Mega Drive. But, Unfortunately the 32 x will not be compatible, due to the analog loop. It is possible that the 32 x is implemented directly on FPGAS in the future, but there is no guarantee that this in fact occurs.

The console has a SD card slot. So it is also expected that an alternate version of the firmware is released supporting the execution of games directly from the card, What would including additional adapters for other systems. But, again, There is no promise about that and the Analogue does not support officially the alternative firmwares.

And if the 32 x can be implemented on FPGA, Why don't the Sega CD? I'm hoping the Sega CD also be implemented and the images of the CDs can be read from SD card.

The Sg will have four color options available, inspired by the Japanese releases, Americana (Sega Genesis) and the European console, and a white whole. Check out:

Analogue Mega Sg - White Model

Analogue Mega Sg – White Model

Analogue Mega Sg - Japanese Model

Analogue Mega Sg – Japanese Model

Analogue Mega Sg - European Model

Analogue Mega Sg – European Model

Analogue Mega Sg - American Model (Sega Genesis)

Analogue Mega Sg – American Model (Sega Genesis)

All models are free of regional locks and must perform all regions games.

The Sg will not be accompanied by controls, as happened with the Super Nt. It will be compatible with the original controls and Mega Drive compatible, and also with 8bitdo wireless controllers that will be launched for him.

White 8bitdo controller for the Sega Sg.

White 8bitdo controller for the Sega Sg.

8bitdo black controller for the Sega Sg.

8bitdo black controller for the Sega Sg.

Wireless controls will operate on the frequency of 2,4 GHz, but they will not be like the Super Nintendo Bluetooth, to cut costs. Will be sold for $ 24,99.

And the cost? The Sg will cost $ 189,99, just like the Super Nt. In practice that means $ 230, because they superfaturam the freight. And not send directly to Brazil, so anyone who wants to use a redirector, as Shipito. Ultimately, the joke doesn't leave cockroach does not.

As pre-orders will be made on the website of Analogue, as soon as he returns to the air, Since the announcement the overloaded and took it from the air. The launch will be in March 2019, so we still have a good way there.

Despite having already my Sega Genesis, with RGB out and Framemeister, I was quite interested in Mega Sg. It would be a way to eliminate the noises, jailbar and sound bottom of some versions, inherent in the whole digital process-> analog-> without having to make digital mods the original console.

Check out the videos of gameplay that the Analogue recorded with the Mega Sg:

And you? If interested in Mega Sg? What color would you choose?

Update (16/10/2018 – 17:52): The consoles bought in presale will be sent in April 2019. The freight is no longer as expensive as before. A send to California is costing $ 18,86.

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And is there any place in Brazil to sell these business?

Why I gave up buying from foreign sites after being taxed several times in over nine thousand percent.

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