[Review] Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored

In this article I talk about the Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, one of the few shielded electric showers available in the Brazilian market.


In my childhood and adolescence has always had some problems with electric showers. Take shock when touching the record was something constant, on behalf of the non-shielded showers and a lack of grounding in the House where I lived.

Shower on colder days was also difficult, because not very heated showers. To 127V wiring do not usually exist very powerful showers. I got to use the dangerous trick of Tin with alcohol burning to heat the bathroom a few times. In other colder days, I gave a run around the block into the shower to warm the body and ease the effect of ice water.

But in the middle of the last decade my family moved to another house where there were two showers Corona four seasons 220V pre-installed. The difference was great, the shower really warmed. At the time the four seasons was not yet electronic, had 4 discrete temperature options.

Corona Flex and your huge design flaw

So, When I was about to move into my current House, I looked for showers Corona four seasons without thinking twice. At the time the models were already electronics, and there was a new model of Corona called Flex.

The Corona Flex had the same format of the four seasons, 1000W more (7500W against the four seasons 6500W), and claimed to be good for those with solar heating, because he would use electrical resistance to heat the cold water that sits in the barrel, leaving the hot bath since the beginning, avoiding waste of water.

In theory it sounds great. I still had no solar heating, until today I have not, but the House already had the plumbing ready for this and my plan was to implement it in the long run. Today I don't think it is more worthwhile for my account fotovoltaíco on-grid system.

In practice the Corona Flex is a disgrace. To begin with he was for assistance in the first week by stop working after a few baths. Had to replace the circuit board, the warranty covered. He is back in full operation. But the design flaws obviously persisted. If you turn off the shower and turn on again, It takes up to several minutes to turn on the new resistance, because the sensor is a bit slow to react and think the water is already hot. Water waste ends up being much greater than with a common shower.

Looking for complaints about this shower on the Internet I found many similar to my. Who had solar heating was also complaining of the slow reaction of the shower too to realize that hot water has arrived, He warmed the water already hot bringing a high risk of burns.

Ultimately, I expected a smart shower in it was possible to control the outlet temperature of the water, regardless of the input temperature. A shower that knew the input temperature and use the electrical resistance in the exact measure to leave the water at the desired temperature. In practice made a pig that just turns the resistance based on nothing reliable sensor. The Corona Flex was so bad that disappeared from the market.

But I put up with this crap 5 years. The design flaw joined the blockage of several holes. I tried anyway disassembles it to clean, but could not. I ended up giving up on him and left to the choice of a new shower.

The choice of Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored

The main requirement for my new shower was be shielded. My House has circuit breaker DR and the own manual of construtora shielded shower requirement list, because common showers allow leakage current by water, What is detected by DR breaker that eventually disarming in the middle of the bath, leaving the user naked in the dark with icy water falling on head.

I'm aware that some non-shielded electric showers have some ugly hacks to minimize this escape and try to escape the sensitivity of DR. But armored showers has other advantages, as the risk greatly reduced electric shock when touching the registry, and the fact that you don't burn the resistance.

Remember that change resistance was something that my father did regularly in the showers that we had in our old House. That ended with the Corona four seasons, that are already getting 15 years without ever having needed an Exchange. And even my Corona Flex, por pior que fosse, nunca queimou a resistência.

Give way, eu nem penso em abrir mão de chuveiros blindados. Quero ficar longe de toda e qualquer resistência, principalmente aquelas de redes sociais, formadas por viúvas de corrupto preso 🙂.

Infelizmente as opções de chuveiros blindados no mercado brasileiro são poucas. Da Hydra-Corona (a Hydra comprou a Corona, apparently…) temos apenas a ducha Four Seasons and the Hydra Fit Blindado. Da Lorenzetti temos apenas uma opção, that e has Blinducha.

A Four Seasons já não é mais a mesma. Numa economia das mais porcas que eu já vi, resolveram tirar o LED que indica a temperatura. Yes, tiraram um LED! Algo que deve custar menos de R$ 0,50. Sounds silly, mas com a Corona Flex eu me acostumei a ficar olhando pra esse maldito LEDzinho esperando ele acender e indicar que o chuveiro já começou a esquentar, What sometimes took minutes due to design flaw. The multi-colored LED, ranging from green to red, as the water temperature adjusted on electronic command. But in Four Seasons Hydra-Corona decided to disappear with him…

The Hydra Fit Blindado like on paper. 6500W as Four Seasons. Mid spreader. Electronic command with control stem. It seemed like a good shower. I ended up opting for him.

Unboxing of Hydra Fit Blindado

On unboxing I've found a few things I didn't like in the Hydra Fit Blindado. First I found there required pressure reducer, that cannot be removed. In my house the pressure is already somewhat low, There was no need for pressure reducer. Corona Flex it was optional, but not Hydra Fit Blindado It is mandatory, is already stuck in quick and try to remove it entails including loss of warranty.

To make matters worse, looking behind Hydra Fit Blindado you can see the electronic circuit, which is somewhat exposed below the entry of the quick hitch. It seems to me easy of an accident happens and water enter the circuit. With time, the sealing rubber can dry fast coupling and the water flow into the electronic circuit.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing:

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, on its packaging.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, and accessories.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, and accessories.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, and accessories.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, and accessories.

The video also shows the Hydra Fit Blindado on the unboxing and running:

Tests of the Hydra Fit Blindado

Despite not having enjoyed the details already mentioned in unboxing, I went ahead and installed Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored. Check out:

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, already installed.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, already installed.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, operation.

Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, operation.

A positive point is that leaves plenty of water, even with the pressure reducer. The average spreader is pleasant, lower than the small spreaders of most showers. Another point that I liked is that it is not dripping for a while after turning off the water. Perhaps on account of the distinctive format.

But the advantages end there. Luckily he arrived during the coldest days of August, so I could put it to the test in terms of warm well water. And that's the Hydra Fit Blindado failed.

It's not that he doesn't warm up, He even warms reasonably, but not as much as the Corona Flex. Cold even with the Hydra Fit Blindado with the maximum temperature setting. Corona Flex I never even used the most. Apparently the 1000W unless in Hydra Fit Blindado make more of a difference than I thought.

I took two or three baths with him and then chose to return it and be refunded by the store. They sent a postage at the post office and repaid me when the product arrived there.


The package was sent by conveyor Total Express and these are the tracking information:

08/08/2018 14:55:12 IN CASE OF COLLECTING
10/08/2018 04:29:33 TRANSFER TO [Removed]/SP
10/08/2018 10:20:04 RECEIVED AT THE DISTRIBUTION CENTRE [Removed]/SP
11/08/2018 11:44:17 DELIVERY PROCESS
11/08/2018 19:44:00 DELIVERY


Product Name: Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored
Name Original: Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored
Store: Lumienergy
Value: R$ 231,47
Current value: R$ 242,00
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Total Express
Shipping Fee: R$ 18,05
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 06/08/2018
Submission Date: 08/08/2018
Data Delivery: 11/08/2018
Time in Transit: 3 days

Final Considerations

Perhaps the Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored is good for the warmer regions of Brazil, but here in the winter the interior of São Paulo he did not like. I might have been happy with in my childhood, without giving shocks and warming reasonably. But now that I've gotten used to really hot showers it is hard to go back and accept a just warm water in full coldest winter week.

Give way, I can say that the Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored disappointed me. Note 10 for Lumienergy who accepted the return without major problems. I returned the product in perfect condition in the original packaging and all that came with it.

Bought then a Shower Blinducha 7500W Armored Resistance Lorenzetti, but this will be another review in a next article. Subscribe to blog by email and social networks here in the menus on the right to know when the article is published.

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[…] This article is a continuation of the article about the Hydra Shower Fit Electronic White Armored, so I recommend reading it ant…. […]


Also descepcionei me that indeed shower, with the Hydra brand overall! I used the Hydra electronic STAR, perfect heating, but he burned the resistance too often. I bought this with armored resistance(6.500In) to see if it was more durable, but do not worry anything.. horrible !! As I had already installed this FIT, I decided to open the STAR I had uninstalled to know why the turbo engine had burned the first day I was fired.. To my surprise, the shower is 220 V was with a 127V engine and some loose connections terminals, which shows a poor quality control!! Shower 220 V with bike 127 In??? UNACCEPTABLE!!!

I bought this “loofah” ai in december / 2019, as my bathroom was not ready in time, I installed it only last week ( in April / 2020). The shower didn't get hot, I took at Cassol, did not accept, because theoretically there was more than 30 purchase days ( they forget that the hidden addiction is based on the knowledge of the problem).

The shower doesn't get hot at all here at home, said it would be lack of pressure…

Now I have this M **** standing still and unable to have a decent shower!!!

Nobody deserve!

Claudio Ferreira

Very useful your observations., I'm looking for a 7,500W and 220V shielded shower, in addition to the one described here in the article, I found another 6.500W which is the same power as described in the article and Blinducha, which is 7,500W but unfortunately they have a reduced diameter. But as you yourself mentioned, There are few options with shielded resistance.

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