Postal dispatch of Mails – the Current Situation

In the last day 27 August, We announce here first-hand that the post office went on to charge the rate call Postal Dispatch in all packages from abroad, even non taxed. Skooter Blog was the first site to break the news, and only later the information also appeared in famous sites.

Even the site of the station was public information at the end of the day 27/08, in total lack of respect for customers. The rate has been applied even in packages that were already in transit, in other words, after service already be effectively hired. In any civilised country that would not be allowed, but we're in Brazil…

Many people stopped buying abroad after that, mostly cheaper items, because the rate of R$ 15,00 often ends up being more expensive than the product itself. But after two months of new collection, analyzing the trajectory of several packages, including my own, I can say that the situation is bad, but not as much as announced.

The original release of the station said all international packages would have the Postal Dispatch, including:

  • EMS (tracking code initiated by letter E)
  • Colis Postaux (tracking code starts with the letter C)
  • Small Orders Registered (tracking code starts with the letter R)
  • Prime Exprès (tracking code initiated by letter L)
  • Small Orders Simple (do not have tracking code)

But in practice, I noticed that only my registered packages (Letter R) received the postal dispatch rate. Packages with tracking starts with the letter L were unharmed. Not received packages of other categories, so I can't talk about them, but with the letter L were several packages.

Give way, direct purchases in the U.S. or using redirection in the category First Class (tracing code started in L) are passing. Bought in Amazon Using redirection and the package arrived via First Class Mail and dispatch fee without taxes.

Shopping in AliExpress can also be made without having to pay the postal dispatch. Just search for ads that send via ePacket or Aliexpress Standard Shipping. Both have tracking code started in L. All packages that I bought in this way arrived without fee and without taxes.

The Aliexpress Standard Shipping is a push provided by own AliExpress, something similar to MercadoEnvios, in which the seller just puts the label provided by the service in the package and dispatches. Buying for him who really sets the type of shipping is the very AliExpress. To 2017 the Aliexpress Standard Shipping was registered (R). After the delays the end of 2017 and early 2018 came to be ePacket (L). In mid- 2018, When the situation normalized, back to be registered (R). But after the collection of the postal order he returned to be ePacket (L) again and remains so until now.

No case of GearBest, recommend freight Priority Line, that also results in a ePacket (L).

Shopping for glasses on Goggles4u are also exempt from postal dispatch rate, because they are sent via First Class U.S.. The same goes for contact lenses purchased in AC Lens.

Note that in the case of AliExpress as in the case of GearBest, the shipment by category ePacket ends up having an additional cost compared to send registered or unregistered, but normally this cost is less than R$ 15,00, so it pays to pay the difference.

Even when the difference edge the R$ 15,00 I still think it pays to pay the freight for ePacket, because he tends to be a lot faster than the registered. The process is less time consuming as much out of Brazil and in the post Office's own treatment. My ePackets has arrived in less than a month.

Another advantage of paying the ePacket If the package is lost or the product arrives defective, the repayment is complete. Otherwise, good luck trying to get the R$ 15,00 back if the package lost after payment of postal dispatch. Furthermore, I had a case of duplicate billing R$ 15,00 by the post office that I was only able to get back with a chargeback no credit card required, pois não há forma de contatar o Correios e receber uma resposta que não seja padronizada.

In short, todos os pacotes que recebi com código de rastreamento iniciado em L chegaram sem a cobrança do despacho postal e também sem impostos de importação.

Não cheguei a fazer compras em outras lojas do exterior no período, mas o princípio parece ser o mesmo, a ideia é procurar pelos fretes com código de rastreamento iniciados pela letra L.

Uma outra boa notícia é que Carlos Roberto Fortner, o criador da cobrança do despacho postal para todos os pacotes, não é mais presidente do Correios 🙂 . A má notícia é que é improvável que o novo presidente, o general Juarez Aparecido de Paula Cunha, remove the one collection.

Moreover, I think more likely to end up solving really charge order in all packages than leave the collection of registered. Some argue that the charge is fair and that the post office cannot work for free, ignoring that they already receive part of the amount paid by the sender in the country of origin. It may be true that there is no transfer in the case of registered, they are seen as letter and the international agreement dictates that in such cases who gets the value of the port is the company of the country of origin, and that the amount of posts from Brazil is disproportionate. On the other hand, in the case of the other orders (ePackets and other) certainly there are transfer, and in this case the collection of postal dispatch effectively if enquadria in a double billing that, I repeat, in any civilised country would be illegal.

To buy in the stores referred to in article, use the links below:

  • AC Lens – U.s. direct contact lenses.
  • AliExpress – Many types of products, direto from China.
  • Amazon – Many types of products, U.S..
  • GearBest – Many types of products, direto from China.
  • Goggles4u – Eyeglasses and Sun.

If you have received packages from overseas after August tell us in the comments the initial letter of the tracing code, and if you had to pay the postal order or not.

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I don't know if my account but I got it at iHerb for Global Mail DHL and arrived in 9 days, no tax and no fee. On the other hand, I buy from China without screening for June that hasn't arrived yet.

I had a sobretaxado package by mail. I paid the 15 real, and … nothing!
Already complained twice, and just say the usual, 40 days, absurd, to deliver.

In other words, the rate is good for nothing, don't pay. Just paid this as coming from Germany and was a little more expensive (a scart switch). When is little thing of China, I'd rather pay a little more freight is not paid to the mail from here, or simply I will not pay the fee.

Moreover, I bought a cable from China, for use with this scart switch, via ePackage. And here yet.
While the switch, paid to the post office, nothing.

Received since August 3 packages from China, without tracking code and within envelopes. Two from dealextreme and a Bangood and none of them were taxed.


I bought several products from the site WISH in November and December 2018 , 13 in fact products, and only 01 came to my hands. Other 05 checked in Brazil and made the payment of postal dispatch ´ ´ ´ ´. Today some of the products have passed the period of 40 working days by post and by calling the 30030100 the clerk informs me that to make a claim, It has to be the sender that is the gift shop there in China….. How sad! If the product arrived in Brazil, they charged me the postal item, How can you not know where the product is? They say objects started the letter U are not traceable but to collect the postal dispatch they know is in Brazil… Honestly the good way of prejudicing the next…. Ex of an object that I speak UQ316579461CN. If you know where can I apply for a refund of at least these postal dispatch I paid without use any…. I appreciate .


Good night, I made a purchase at aliexpress and saw the trace that is waiting for the payment of postal dispatch, but the tracking code that I have is not identified by the post office, You know what I can do?

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