[Mini Review] Literally, Right Before Aaron (Nunca Convide o seu Ex) – 2017

Synopsis: Adam is crushed to learn that your ex-girlfriend invited him to your brief marriage. Coming home, He faces unresolved feelings while trying to convince himself and everyone else that is truly happy for her.

Literally, Right Before Aaron (Nunca Convide o seu Ex) - 2017

Literally, Right Before Aaron (Nunca Convide o seu Ex) – 2017

As I had never seen the Cobie Smulders in any role that wasn't the Robin (How I Met Your Mother), I decided to take a look at this movie. How repentance! Script thing, dragged. With half an hour of movie I've wanted to stop, but I decided to give it a try to see if it improved. Not improved.

Does not work as drama nor as comedy. Few really funny moments. You can't even empathize with the protagonist and rooting for him. One positive point is that the end is not as cliche as the many copies of My best friend's wedding.

Ultimately, were 97 minutes lost of my life that I will never recover. Do not recommend.

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I thought I'd do an article with mini reviews movies watched on Netflix in recent times, to bring back to life the movie section that was creating cobwebs around here. I started writing and I noticed that worth letting an article for each film. Prent not do critiques well designed as the branch sites, just leave my impressions in two or three paragraphs, just to share my opinion with whom it may concern.

Leave a message saying something like: “I liked, keep doing mini reviews movies” or “Stop it and go back to reviews products.”

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"Knock it off and get back to doing reviews of products." haha, that's why comments of film is very dispersed of the subjects of your posts and already have websites with adorocinema I want see several reviews before watching a movie, but of course, If you think that's going to boost blog, bring it on movie posts tb!

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