[Mini Review] Miss Meadows (The Mystic) – 2014

Synopsis: Mary Meadows is a young man who works as a substitute teacher for children and enjoys long walks around the neighborhood. She lives alone, uses traditional clothing and conversation with mom about how was your day. But what nobody knows is that she carries a small gun in your purse and acts as vigilantand, killing criminals when the act committing illicit acts. The local sheriff discovers that Mary is responsible for these deaths, but he doesn't know whether to arrest you or protect you.

Miss Meadows (The Mystic) - 2014

Miss Meadows (The Mystic) – 2014

The synopsis got my attention by different script. I've never seen the Katie Holmes as the protagonist in a good movie. In Batman Begins She has a small role and activities off. Also have you seen her in one or another little memorable of the last decade that can't even remember more, so mostly I remember her role as Joey Potter at the 6 seasons of Dawson's Creek.

And the film is amazingly good. It's not perfect, but it certainly is quite underrated in the reviews I read before watch. At the beginning there are some exaggerations, the crimes conveniently without witnesses and the attitude of the protagonist can't even be bothered to get out quickly from the site are little credible. But throughout the film the character is built, Let's being lodged with the motivations of the protagonist in a way somewhat enigmatic, as well as her own, and the story becomes more interesting. Recommend special attention in the interactions between Miss Meadows and your mom.

The choice of Katie Holmes for the role proved to be the right one, She managed to play very well the role of sweet teacher, who dresses, behaves and talks (I had to look up the meaning of “toodle-loo“) as someone from a bygone era. Drive a car too old, walks with his tap dancing shoes with metal plates on the soles, stop to hear a bird sing, and motivates children who are your students in school. And not, I didn't watch Mary Poppins, so I lost any obvious reference or satire that has occurred.

And if the Sheriff's secret admiration for an anonymous vigilante who tries to make the world a better place by eliminating bad elements, When he still did not know that was the very same Mary, is something understandable in the USA, Imagine then in Brazil where violence and impunity are exponentially bigger. We would need many Miss Meadows to bring peace to our streets. As I am not a hypocrite lefty political correctness (with enough redundancy), I'm happier when the Bandit is killed rather than arrested, as the Sheriff. Not that this is the best punishment, is not! But is the guarantee of non-recurrence, to guarantee that the tramp won't be on the streets making the same crimes again in very little time, as always happens.

The film's title in Brazil is an infidel and bad, as costume. And now in 2018, only four years later, they used the same title for another film (“Peppermint”), again in an unfaithful translation. But anyway, We're in the land of My first love 2, from the If You Drink, No Case! – Part 3! He doesn't have the whole movie, and even City of dreams, that is one hell of a spoiler. Blow movie title is a characteristic of Brazil.

Netflix hit have classified as drama and suspense instead of black humor, Although some elements of humor are present. Ultimately, Miss Meadows is a movie I recommend. Probably the best I've seen in recent times from Netflix.

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5.7 in IMBD and 2.8 on Rotten, that's bad movie seal. You can't even give a chance. Perhaps a missed opportunity, but at that age is necessary criteria for choosing how to spend the time.

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