[Review] Apple iPad Smart Cover 2018 Charcoal Gray MQ4L2ZM/A

A Apple iPad Smart Cover 2018 Charcoal Gray MQ4L2ZM/A is the official cover of Apple for the Apple iPad model 2018. Beyond the 6th generation model, She also serves on the 5 th generation, the Air iPad 2, and the iPad Air.

She is thin, resistant and protects the screen of the iPad without hiding your aluminium body, in other words, It doesn't cover the back when it's closed, What can be an advantage or a disadvantage, Depending on your point of view. I prefer the back also is protected.

A Apple iPad Smart Cover It is made of polyurethane and soft Microfiber lining your in the same color helps to keep clean the screen of the device.

She tells with magnetic connection, namely, a magnetic hinge aligns the Smart Cover to iPad, providing a perfect fit. And the internal magnets keeps everything in place.

A Apple iPad Smart Cover also serves as support to type. Doubling back, the iPad is tilted in a comfortable position to write. She also doubles in the right places to leave the iPad in a perfect position to a video call or to watch a movie.

When you close the Smart Cover, the iPad will automatically enter standby mode. And when you open it again, He wakes up automatically.

The colors available are: charcoal-gray, sand pink, Midnight Blue, white and red. I opted for the coal-gray. Cost R$ 269,00 local trade.

Comparing the new Apple iPad Smart Cover with the Smart Cover third generation iPad, I note that the improved material. The former was in synthetic leather, that ends up stripping or ripping over time. Mine is still in one piece, but I took care of her fondly in these 5 years. I think it will be more durable polyurethane, but only time will tell.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and the test Apple iPad Smart Cover 2018 Charcoal Gray MQ4L2ZM/A:

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Aldo Cintra

Desculpe to ignorance, but a generic, the Aliexpress, wouldn't the same function?
I ask because I have in my generic tablet and Kindle (including, both have the same function of sleep/wake the tablet to close/open), It's been a long time and are/are great.
The tablet-paid 27 real, and the Kindle was 17 real.

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