Apple Digital AV Adapter Lightning and Lightning to VGA Adapter

Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and Lightning to VGA Adapter are adapters that provide the iPad a HDMI or VGA, respectively.

By default, the iPad There's no way out for monitors, TVs or projectors. But the Lightning connector allows video output with the use of adapters.

Both adapters connect to the door of the Lightning iPad and provide, In addition to the HDMI or VGA, also a door Lightning, so that it is possible to connect the power supply as an adapter is being used.

The adapters Apple Lightning AV Digital and Lightning to VGA cost R$ 358,00 and R $ 299,00, respectively, local trade in August.

Check out the photos Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and the Lightning to VGA Adapter:

The models are MD826BZ/A and MD825BZ/A, for the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and the Lightning to VGA Adapter, respectively. Are also identified as A1438 and A1439, respectively.

They serve not only on iPads, but also in iPhones that have the Lightning.

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Are you buying all the unimaginable Apple accessories. I think you said it is the company that is paying, so it is understood why you paying in local shops instead of importing. Curiosity: I've had a few 2 iPads, who wore little, but this plug of the cable lightning always gave problem and had to buy other, even being original. I would be afraid to buy something expensive that uses this plug lightning

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