2.04 firmware J/E for XRGB Mini Framemeister

Depois de quase 3 anos sem lançar uma atualização, a Micomsoft srpreende e anncio ontem o firmware 2.04J/E para o Framemeister XRGB Mini.

O anúncio foi feito no Twitter da empresa:

Understand Japanese is somewhat complicated, but from what I understand through the automatic translators, This is a beta version. The changes include improved compatibility with 4 k televisions, adding a function of scan lines, adding display settings for the NEC PC-8801, that is a personal computer of the years 80, and adding a clock adjustment function to point in RGB input.

The My Life in Gaming tweeted that some options seem to be a direct response to OSSC. The option of “dot clock” looks like will help in adjusting the synchronization frequency to obtain sharper pixels horizontally.

With the acquisition of Analogue Super Nt, and with the future Analogue Mega Sg, should I use the Framemeister only with the Atari 2600 and the Playstation One. I think it's not worth buying a OSSC only to these islands. So it's good to know that not Micomsoft abandoned Framemeister.

The Download firmware 2.04J/E can be done at this link.

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